Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Pretties :)

                 Banana, coconut muffin/cupcakes :)


Beautiful little plate/dish I found in a little shop up town....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Morel Mushrooms

Yesterday besides the rain, hail, and a rainbow; my dad, my fiance and I went mushroom hunting! Although we just ended up with a good hike through the woods, and found one randomly in the middle of the yard, they should be coming up very soon! With all this rain and some warm weather headed our way, I can't wait to go find some!! They are sooo delicious!

These are a few we found last year:::

Does anyone else go hunting for mushrooms??? :)

How we cook ours::
~Let them soak in salt water for a while (to get any bugs out)
~slice them in halves
~crack open a few eggs,
~dip the mushroom in the egg and then we dip them in a fish batter (that's very tasty!!)
~Then fry them up!!
= sooooo good!!

Partying with:: Simply Designing

Friday, April 22, 2011

GOOD Friday

Good Friday! I wish we could have gotten a little sunshine today, but its rain again here.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Waterbound Wednesday!

As our forecast is still calling for more rain I did mange to get a few pictures outside last week (when the weather was teasing us, and it was warm and sunny.)

Emily says Hello!!
Jerry enjoying the weather, sitting in the shade
 Bird house me and the fiance made together :) Couldn't wait to get hanging up!
 The big bird (condo) we just put up! There are 9 more holes on the other side too! I'm trying to figure out what color I want to paint it....

Carrot cake I made ....yummmmmy!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Material EGGS

Some material eggs.....
All you need// some glue, material, scissors, and an egg!
 Put the glue on strips of fabric
 then just start putting them on your egg, you'll be finished in no time! {you can even roll the pieces on with while holding your egg, then just pat them down}



Friday, April 15, 2011

Shrinky dinks

Shrinky Dinks!!! Who remembers them!?! I remember doing them when I was younger with my parents. They are so much fun! One of my friends I work with showed me a bracelet in the Country Living magazine, using Shrinky dinks! She was going to make one for another friends' birthday. It's soo cute, here's the website.... go check it out! There's the instructions and tutorial for you. ....So I got excited, went to Hobby Lobby got some shrinky dink paper and went to my parents house (right down the road) and was all excited to print off those sheets for the bracelet! Well they have a laser printer **DO NOT put shrinky dink paper into those kind...they melt and turn to a hard plastic!! lol. Needless to say mom and I were pulling out shrinky dinks for a while. Make sure to use a inkjet printer! lol.
Here's the bracelet::

 So I ended up playing around and made a few anyway....
Happy Shrinky Dinking!!!
~Have a fabulous weekend~

Monday, April 11, 2011

Beautiful Flower Pins *Tutorial (DIY)

Beautiful Flower Pins (DIY) Tutorial!

 I made all of these to give out at my wedding shower to the people who helped out and people I love! I think I made about 15 total, ok here's how you make them ::

Start by choosing some pretty fabrics
Draw circles on the fabric, I used a solo cup and doubled the fabric, so when I cut it out I'd have double the circles.

 Then you go over to your ironing board, fold the circles in half & iron them, then cut carefully on the line, that you creased, to make your half circles.

 OK, so now those are ironed and cut.....
Then your going over to your sewing machine, your going to fold the halves into half and then sew along the edge you cut. *Make sure you put the good side of the fabric inside out (fold to the inside) then sew.
 If you look carefully in this picture, you can see just a short little line that I sewed. (Don't forget to back stitch a couple when you first start and at the end of each one) and you can just keep them all on a line together til the end. (Like a necklace.) lol.
Trim off your pieces of thread, and pop out your petals::

 Then you need to hand stitch the rest. I put 10 petals on the bottom, and 6 on the top. Once you pull tightly they should scrunch up to look like this. Then connect your starting petal to your finishing petal.
 After that, start your second flower which will have 6 petals, this one will be your top flower. Then sew the two flowers together.
 Then add a fun button of any sort for the middle!!
Almost done!!! then on the back side, I just took a small piece of fabric and got some pins from Hobby Lobby and hot glued them on!!

Waaalaa Finished project!!!
*Now you can wear this on your shirt, purse, or pin it on a cute pillow!

This is how I packaged them up!

I found this lovely idea & had to make these from:: Sewn With Grace
I'm featured at::

                                      * I'm Not just a Housewife
*Running with Glitter
A Serenade For Solitude


The DIY Show Off

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