Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Friday!

Good Morning!! 
Happy Friday!

Excited for the weekend!

Packing up a few candle and warmer tart orders 
and shipping them out today. 

Glad the sunshine is out
enjoy your weekend sweet friends!! 
xo Holly 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Baby Shower Pictures

Hi there sweet friends! 
Happy sweet week to you!! I promised I'd get some baby shower pictures together for you to see, so here they are!! (Sorry there are sooo many!) *You can click on the pictures to make them a bit larger to see too! :) ~Happy looking!
This sweet garland (above) that my mom and sister made, 
I'll be hanging in our little boy's room :)

The striped onesie garland, mom and I made together, thought it turned out so cute! 

 Pretty wrapped presents!!
{mom always adds such sweet and cute touches!} 

 Such a cute little place we had our shower at! 
Loved all the brick and pretty wooden tables and chairs.

We had a "guess" how many M&M's in the bottle, 
and a diaper raffle. (Anyone who brought a pack of diapers was entered to win a prize!)

~In the invitations I included a little tag, to bring a book instead of a card for our little one's library! Thought this was such a cute idea! 

We got some very sweet handmade gifts, my grandma made us a rag quilt and an adorable baby quilt. My Aunt crocheted the white blanket with blue trim (and not pictured she also crocheted another sweet baby blanket for us.) 

 The middle picture of us, we are holding a onesie that says "Keep Calm and Call Grandma" Lol!
And my sis is on the end making some punch :)

Opening some more gifts..... everything was soooo cute!! 
Top right ....he got some cowboy boots!!
The picture in the bottom right is with my mom. ^^

And below: top left is my sister and I ....we always take a silly one!
And the bottom right is me, my cousin, grandma, mom, and sister. 

For favors we bagged popcorn and put little tags on them that said "Ready to Pop" with a little pacifier charm. 

Luke and I were blown away with all of our wonderful gifts from everyone! We are just so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family, and we're so grateful for them. :) 
**A special thank you to my mom and sister that put this all together for us and baby Smith!! 

We've had our names for baby narrowed down for quite a while now to: Nash and Grant. As of over the weekend I think we will be naming him Grant Nathaniel Smith :) 

Thank you all for coming and visiting my little blog here and for looking at my pictures!! 
Wishing you a lovely day!! 
xo Holly 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Daddy Doody Kit

A Daddy Doody Kit!!
My mom made Luke a box full of cute things just for 'dad' for a shower gift.
One of the items in the box was this "daddy doody kit" she made up! 

How to make one and what you need:: 

*A tool belt/pouch *Mask *Gloves *Diapers * Boogie Wipes (or regular)
*Power Bar *Almonds *Baby Lotion *Carmex/chap stick *Rolaids *Advil 
*Pacifier *Hand Sanitize 

  I'm not sure why these pictures turned??

I thought it was such a cute gift idea!! 

Here's a few pictures from our shower of him opening it up!! 
 A cute monkey and football toy came out first....
then 'daddy doody kit' 

 He loves the Ohio State Buckeyes....
so a hat and onesie were of course in there! 
 And another cute football onesie for game day! :) 
**You can click on the pictures to make them bigger**

Hope you have a wonderful day today!! 
31 weeks today!! YAY! 

{{If you missed my post yesterday of my Spring Cleaning Sale in the shop you can go right HERE to see it!}

Thanks so much!! 
xox Holly 

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Cleaning SALE

Happy new week to you! 
I'm having a Spring Cleaning SALE!!! 
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 You can find a nice assortment of many handmades!! 

 **Don't forget about Mother's Day coming up,
 these lovelies would make a nice gift for her!! 

Even Father's Day that will be here before you know it!

Hand Stamped bookmarks for the book lover....

Head on over to the shop!! 
Thank you so much!
Wishing you a lovely Monday!! 
xo Holly 

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

What was in the Blue Polka Dot Bags!?

Happy Thursday! 
Hope you all had a lovely Easter!! 
We had a wonderful day with our family, my dad smoked a couple hams (they were so delicious!!) and mom made lots of yummy foods and made us 'kids' Easter baskets! 

So here's what was in those blue polka dot bags:
I made shower gifts for my mom and my sister, Heather. 
 "The Best Moms get promoted to Grandma" 
I added a sweet nest on the side as a charm for her
'two daughters, son (in- law), and little grandson coming!' 

 I just love how it turned out for her!! 

And here's what I made for my sister: 
A sweet "Auntie" bracelet with a purple charm on the side,
 (because her favorite color is purple.) 
 I was excited how perfectly the "Auntie" fit right in the center of the oval!

Both bracelets were made out of a vintage spoon, that I hand stamped :) 

I also made my sister a necklace and it says:: The only thing better than having you as a Sister is our little boy having you as an Aunt
 I think it came out cute too, she really liked both of them :) 

And that was what was in the bags!! 
Wishing you a wonderful day!! 
xo Holly 

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