Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Daddy Doody Kit

A Daddy Doody Kit!!
My mom made Luke a box full of cute things just for 'dad' for a shower gift.
One of the items in the box was this "daddy doody kit" she made up! 

How to make one and what you need:: 

*A tool belt/pouch *Mask *Gloves *Diapers * Boogie Wipes (or regular)
*Power Bar *Almonds *Baby Lotion *Carmex/chap stick *Rolaids *Advil 
*Pacifier *Hand Sanitize 

  I'm not sure why these pictures turned??

I thought it was such a cute gift idea!! 

Here's a few pictures from our shower of him opening it up!! 
 A cute monkey and football toy came out first....
then 'daddy doody kit' 

 He loves the Ohio State Buckeyes....
so a hat and onesie were of course in there! 
 And another cute football onesie for game day! :) 
**You can click on the pictures to make them bigger**

Hope you have a wonderful day today!! 
31 weeks today!! YAY! 

{{If you missed my post yesterday of my Spring Cleaning Sale in the shop you can go right HERE to see it!}

Thanks so much!! 
xox Holly 

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  1. What a super idea from your mom! Looks like the new mommy and daddy are almost ready for baby. Enjoy your last weeks as a "couple." Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  2. That's such a cute idea and you make a very sweet couple! I love it all...such a happy time! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. What a cute idea! You two are so cute together. I can't wait to see this baby!

  4. That is absolutely darling! Such a fun gift. I would have loved to have done that for Chris. You both are so cute. Definitely enjoy your last few weeks together as a couple. Hugs!

  5. You guys are too cute! baby showers are so fun. and then you go home and look everything over and imagine your little baby wearing all those cute little clothes. Are you going to post nursery pics? or did you already adn I missed it? Im going to back track a little. happy day!

  6. Such a cute gift idea, and so funny! You both are "glowing", sweet photos. You will have the best dressed baby in town with those cute outfits.

    Such an exciting time for you two...soon to be three. :)

  7. Too cute!! Creativity runs in your family I guess :)

  8. Hi Holly! Thank you for your Congratulations, so sweet of you!

    Is that your mom sitting next to you? She's so cute, what a fun gift for your husband. He's all ready for diaper detail now. You guys are so adorable and sweet, thanks so much for sharing the photos with us - there are a lot of Aunties out here awaiting your little bundle. :)

    (I wish my niece was inviting the guys too to her shower - both my cousins did that at their showers, it was so nice to have all the family and friends there.)

    My niece is married to a major sports nut and she's picked some of the sports related baby clothes too.

    Happy happy weekend to you guys! xo

  9. What a fun and creative idea! I couldn't help notice the Power Bar, lol, Luke is going to need it.

  10. What a cute idea, and I think it was so sweet of your mom to make something special for Luke on baby shower day! xo

  11. What a cute idea, and I think it was so sweet of your mom to make something special for Luke on baby shower day! xo

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