Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sweet Vintage Finds

Hi sweet friends!! 
Hope you're having a lovely week! Tomorrow is already Friday!!
I feel like I've been a very busy girl!! Lol. Monday (Memorial Day) the hay farmers called and we got two wagon loads of hay 250 bales, we stacked into our barn for the horses. And those bales are so heavy, about 70-80 lbs....I'm still a little sore today! Then Tuesday we unloaded sawdust (shavings for the horse stalls, a big wagon load of those) yesterday dad and I took a 3 mile walk down the road, and Luke and I did some yard work. We weeded, spread some mulch (which we still need a few more bags) and planted a few flowers! Phew! But I'm so enjoying the warmth and the sunshine!! 
Ok..... onto the good stuff!! :) 

Aren't these little salt and pepper shakers the cutest!! 
I have a plan for them! :) 

 This little shaker was all by its self, so she had to come home too! 
I loved how sweet these roosters are on this mini tray! 

Vintage cupcake liners 
and a sweet vintage doily :) Love the bright red.

A few sweet children's books, the graphics are so cute and colorful too!

And some new stickers for my shop (: 

Wishing you a lovely day!! 
Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my posts (: It's always so lovely to hear from you!!
xox Holly 

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Found this sweet inspiration "America" wall over at Liz Marie Blog

Wishing you all a lovely day today 
and remembering those who have fought for our country. 

xo Holly

Friday, May 23, 2014

Pretty Flowers and Nice Weather

Happy FRIDAY!!!
Hi sweet friends, hope you had a wonderful week! 
We are excited for the long holiday weekend!!
Here's a few pictures of some flower baskets I got recently.....
 I just love the bright red Geraniums, so pretty. 

Jerry has been outside enjoying our nice weather too!

 I was finally able to get some flowers (I didn't want to get them too soon, as it did just frost about a week ago here) and the evening I brought them home we were suppose to have a storm that could turn into a serve thunder storm with hail......so under the porch they all went! :) 
 Our storm wasn't too bad and everyone survived!! :) 
 Hanging in their places now...

I bought this wheel/flower yard stake and just loved it!! I'm wanting to make some.
I found a small old wheel out in the middle of the woods when dad and I were mushroom hunting! ~its a start! :) 

Happy Memorial Weekend Everyone!! 
Hope you can enjoy some nice weather and some Memorial day festivities!! 
xo Holly  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fun Finds

Hi there! 
I wanted to share a few fun and (some) colorful finds with you!
I found these letters in a baggie, and I thought I could use them for something ~even if I spray painted them one color too. 
 I found a jar full of these knobs, I'm sure I could use sometime in the future on some sort of project! haha! 
They didn't come in the most prettiest jar, but I couldn't pass them up for $2.00

Then I spotted a few other containers full of some "junk" 
this one was old wheels

 and this one has hinges, hooks, and all sorts of things! 
My sister was like what are you going to do with those.... I told her I'd find something. With these containers only at $1.00 each, I couldn't pass these up either!! You would pay a few dollars in the store for just one hinge! Lol. 
 I found another old and in nice shape leather belt for making some leather cuffs.
I have to figure out 'how to make them' still. But I know I want to. (: 

(another angle of the old wheels jar)

Then there were these cuties! 
They will be happily crafted with.
 And a big paper/card board Santa face, he was too sweet not to come home with me.
And not to mention only 10 cents! :) Not sure what I will make of him or do with him, but he's cute!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and the sun is shining!! 
xo Holly 

Friday, May 16, 2014

A bit of Rummaging, this and that

Happy Sweet Friday!! 
It's been wet, cold, and rainy here the last few days, but the weekend is suppose to be a little bit brighter. 
A week or so ago, my sister and I went to a church rummage sale. I was telling her those sometimes are just the best!! I found some of these pretty vintage earrings and brooch pins there.

I found this, I'm going to spray paint it, maybe a white creamy color 
(if it ever stops raining or being so windy outside! lol)
I thought it would be a good display for some jewelry, i'm still thinking some other ideas up for it too!
The front side is open.

Jill over at A Little Bit of Everything  sent me this vintage game, Probe!! She had found a few for her smash books and I had commented that I was on the look out for one, and had never seen one when I was out hunting. Well what do you know, she found one right away and sent it to me!! Thank you so much Jill! I sent her some yummy Cranberry Marmalade warmer tarts for her to enjoy! :) 

Luke came home just the other afternoon from work and said it smells like blueberry muffins, I told him I only made a warmer tart batch (and that I had tricked him...haha) .... since the muffins really did sound so good, we whipped out this delicious blueberry loaf! It was pretty tasty!! 

Here's the recipe:: 

2 1/2 cups Jiffy Mix
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 cup Milk
1 egg 
2 teaspoons melted shortening
2 cup blueberries

~Blend Jiffy, sugar, milk, egg, and shortening by hand. Fold in blueberries
~Grease 9x10 loaf pan
~Bake 375 degrees 40-50 min (I think I ended up cooking mine about 55 min)
It's not too sweet, and a little tartness comes out from the blueberries. (: 
And then the next day you can re heat it with some vanilla ice cream or put a little butter on top!! Yummy!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!! 
xo Holly

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 13th

Happy sweet Tuesday!
Seems like a busy month for many!! 
We had a lovely weekend for Mother's day, its so nice to see green and the pretty flowers making their way back again. 
 Our apple trees are starting to bloom

Hope you all had a lovely Mother's day!! :) 

We went over to visit Luke's mom for a bit and she was just going to throw this chair away! She said I could have it, so I "rescued" it! It's a cute shaped rocking chair. 
And today is also my sister's birthday that we will be celebrating later!!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!! 
Have a wonderful week!!
xo Holly 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

Happy Mother's Day!!!
Hope all you lovely Mothers out there enjoy the weekend 
and a wonderful Mother's day Sunday!! 

 "Mothers are the flowers in the Garden"


I just love spring, when everything is all starting to grow back, get green and pretty again!!
Happy sweet weekend to you all!! 
xo Holly 

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