Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Poppin' in to say Hi

Casey says Hi! 
And don't forget about the giveaway if you haven't entered yet!! 

Go HERE to enter :) :) 
I'll be drawing at random and announcing the winner Saturday morning!
Good luck!

Happy Wednesday!! :) 
xo Holly

Monday, February 25, 2013

GIVEAWAY!! My very first!

Hi there! I'm so excited to do my first giveaway!! 
All of you are such amazing blog friends, I'm so thankful and blessed for our friendships.  It's been so nice getting to know you! So many of you lovely ladies in our little blog community are so talented and very inspiring!
~Now onto the giveaway~ :) 
There will be:: 
Some yummy smelling Warmer Tarts and a Stained Glass Easter Egg
*NOTE: Of course I'll be putting a few extra cute spring goodies in too! :) 


(There's 4 ways) you may do all 4. 
*Please make sure to leave a separate comment for each, I'll be drawing at random :) 

1. Be a follower and leave a comment telling me which scent (of the warmer tarts) you would like best :: 
a. Apples and Maple Bourbon
b. Cranberry Marmalade
c. Oakmoss and Amber
2. Like my Facebook page
3. Blog/post about the giveaway :) 
4. Facebook about the giveaway-leaving a link to my Blog or Facebook page.

That's it!! You're Entered!!!
Thank you! 
I'll be choosing a winner at the end of the week {either Friday or Saturday morning}
xox Holly

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Happy Evening~

Happy Thursday! Hope you all are having a wonderful week! 
It's been cold and snowy around here, so I've been doing some crocheting :)  I'm going to be busy making a few more squares and a few flowers tonight :)  Along with another batch of candles! I just made one yesterday of Cranberry Marmalade....it smells soo good! Not sure what scent I might do tonight??? hmm....maybe Wedding cake or Egyptian Amber?

These Vanilla Hazelnut ones smell so good too....well I haven't ran into any that I don't like! LOL!

Hope you have a warm cozy evening! 

*ps. I'm trying to work on getting a few pictures for my upcoming giveaway!! 
{{Hopefully soon!!}} I'll keep you posted! :) 

pps. I did want to thank everyone for all their very sweet comments, and for the new followers :) :) 

Have a happy night! 
Hugs, xo Holly

Monday, February 18, 2013

My Booth in the Shop

Good morning! Happy Monday & Presidents day!
Here are a few pictures of my booth in "Uptown Shoppes" over on State Street in LaPorte. 
(Some of the pictures aren't the best quality, they were taken with my phone.) But at least you can see a few pictures :) 

I'm not completely done moving in, but its a start :)

 Here's a few things I took up to the shop::
Vintage Cuff Bracelets, mug rugs, handmade carrots, hankie flower brooches, and a few garlands.

 I made this cute little nest in a vintage tea cup :) 
{Cute for spring time!}
 A few more things I took :: ~Love those little carrots! 

I put together a little Valentine surprise for my mom in a cute little bag.

 And awaiting the hubby to get home on Valentine's Day.....
We had a lovely evening together, 
we went out to eat and I had made up a yummy fruit tray with some cream cheese dip for dessert afterwards :) 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cupcake Liner Flowers

Hi there! Happy Tuesday!  Over the weekend I was busy with many things, one being making these cute cupcake liner flowers! Jamie over at Raising up Rubies made some and they looked soooo cute on her crafting table!  If you haven't been to her blog, you should go take a peak around! It's always so cheery and pretty! And always fun projects to do too! :) 

I wanted to make some for my new booth I just got in "Uptown Shoppes" it's a cute antique/handmade/thrift/flea market style shop. I always come home with a few found treasures from there, just about every time I visit. Well in the last week or so, I've been visiting quite a bit....setting up my booth! Lol. So I thought these bright and colorful flowers looked so cheery and springy! :) 

Wishing you have a lovely and creative day!! 
xo, Holly

Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine Swap

Hellooooo! Happy Friday to you all!
 I recently participated in a Valentine Swap that Erica over at Golden Egg Vintage held.
I was paired up with such a wonderful partner, Pam over at Virginia Retro, if you haven't been over to her very sweet blog you should go visit her! It won't disappoint! & she has such a cute dog, named Doyle!

Ok.... on to the Valentines!! 
Pam really spoiled me, she sent me sooooo many goodies!
 And I loved her heart she made for me! It had lots of pretties and glitter! :) 

So many cute things, right!?! I loved everything in my box, vintage napkins, vintage Valentines, hankies, cute little erasers, candies, chocolate, pretty vintage tags, a tape measure (which I'm glad I have my own "pretty" one now!!), some beads and this sweet sweet book!

Such a darling gift this book is, it has so many beautiful vintage pictures and little prayers in it.
Here's one page with a few little images on it......sooooo cute, I love it!!
 And I so love vintage linens, so pretty! She wrapped things in each one :)

And this is the box I decorated for her:

Pam thank you sooooo much for everything again! I loved it! And I'm so glad we were partners! It's been so nice getting to know you!
Thank you Erica for hosting a great swap!! :) :) 
Have a fabulous Friday!!
Hugs, Holly

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

*Such Sweet Valentines*

Last week in the mail I received so many cute things! 
I have so many sweet little Valentines!
This gorgeous beautiful created heart with some little treasures is from Danielle.
Thank you soo much! I love it dearly!!

 This little package is a bit over due.....
but holds the most prettiest little things! 

Thank you again so much Koralee! You are too sweet!!
I was so excited unwrapping everything. It was packaged so so pretty!

 Look at these beautiful crocheted squares!! I love the color of them!
I think they will be perfect for a couple projects I'm thinking of :)
*OH and that {cute, cute} flower bundle!! I think I might have drooled a bit! :)
I'm excited when I start decorating for spring/Easter to tuck that in somewhere!! (maybe in a little vintage cup or pot!) Thank you so much Andrea!!

 Elizabeth sent me a ton of very darling vintage horse Valentines :) 
They are the cutest!! I adore them all!!! Thank you sooo much! I have them around my whole house! :) 
I'm still hoping to make a cute little garland out of them.....but its so hard to cut them up! :)
For now I'm just enjoying :) :) 

I can't wait to show you what I got from my Valentine swap partner, Pam! But I'm waiting to make sure she gets hers first :)  She sent me so many cute little goodies too!!

Thank you all soo much! 
xox Holly

Friday, February 1, 2013

A happy February 1st

Happy Friday & February 1st!! 
It's officially heart month :) aka Valentine's month
Boy..... I feel like we've seen it all this week. Snow, negative temperatures, back in the 50s, rain, ice, and now we have woken up to lots of snow again! It's so pretty though, and the sun is out :)  But it's very cold out there this morning {0 degrees} Hubby is coming home at noon today from work :)  So i'm excited about that. I'm thinking some warm soup sounds good for lunch! 
Are you doing anything fun for the weekend? Or Superbowl? I think Sunday we are just going to my parents house to watch the game....and of course that means lots of snacking going on!! 

small, medium, and large candles :) 

Wishing you a wonderful & creative weekend!!! 
xox Holly 

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