Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fresh Heirloom Tomato Salad & Recipe

A delicious easy Summer Salad~

Heirloom Tomato Salad:: So good and fresh~
what you need::

A nice bed of spinach leaves on the bottom
A couple larger Heirlooms, {and I used a couple yellow and orange tomatoes too!} 
(cleaned and sliced)
slices of red onion
Blue cheese crumbles
Fresh Bail leaves
Bacon (optional) *And if you smoke your own....it's fanominal! ~My dad does :) :) 
Balsamic Vinaigrette 

Thanks for visiting! 
Hope you try it and love it! I think we are going to
 have another tonight with some hamburgers on the grill :) :) 

xo Holly

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Some new earrings and vintage brooch flowers
 I put into my booth at Thode Floral, in LaPorte, this past weekend.  :)

I found this cute little vintage ironing board, and had to pick it up!
Does anyone have one like it?

Out thrifting I came across these sweet little post card/notes. I first just seen the box and got excited of what could be inside, opened it up and waalaa ....these pretties!

Old sewing drawers will be great to stash some fabrics, buttons, or lace in :) :) 
I put them up on the railing to dry after washing them out.

Andddd.... my Mr. Jerry! He loves playing!
 I don't think we could ever play enough! 

He was watching me out the front door taking pictures :) 

HA... this squirrel was too funny! I watched him out my window, 
climb down the tree, look around on the bench, and then he just got up there and plopped down! 
"Take'n a rest!"
I went got the camera took a couple, then went and got my phone....took one on there too. He stayed there for a while! Too cute! 

Happy week to you!! 
{Smiles} xo Holly

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bird Feeders made out of vintage china

My Vintage Bird Feeder:
A few posts ago when I showed you some vintage china {HERE}  that I had found, I had some bird feeders in mind .....

I made one for my friend, for her birthday. 
I think they are so much fun! When I get a little spare time away from sewing, jewelry making and life, I want to make some more. :) I love how they look out in the yard, hanging for the birds, so pretty!!
Here's another set of dishes I picked up at a little shop uptown....called "Up Town Shops" :)
I first saw them and got soo overly excited, seen the price tag and thought "Oh I have to have these!!" :) Then I seen in the booth, a sign that said everything besides jewelry was an extra 20% off!! I couldn't believe it! I was soo ecstatic with happiness!! Now my first thought was, these would make some beautiful bird feeders and so many other things.....after I got them home....well a little bit different story! LOL. I can't put holes in them, they're too pretty! SO I decided to wash all of them up and use them as our dishes for now. I just put the others in storage for a bit. :) And these are the ones I used to set the table with too, in this post.

 Last week I received a very pretty package from Donna's Lavender Nest

She has so many beautiful prints in her shop! :) 
Thank you so much Donna!! I just love them! 
I'm thinking I'm probably going to have to go back! haha.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!! 
So glad its the weekend! 
Hubby and I have a date Saturday~ we're thinking about going to the beach, want to go to a craft show{it's called Hometown Days} and out to dinner, maybe we'll rent a movie too. With summer, seems like its been a while since we watched one! :) 
~Smiles and HUGS~ 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coffee & a new vintage magazine

Coffee and a new vintage magazine = happy girl!!! :) 
Enjoying the sunshine and looking around in my Vintage Style 

Hope you have a lovely day!! 

*I would just like to say thank you to all my fabulous & wonderful followers
and for leaving such sweet comments, I'm so blessed to have you all.

xo Hugs! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby Boy Rag Quilt

This was a custom order for a baby boy rag quilt I received from a friend.
{Thank you again} :) ~Smiles~
The quilt was for another friend (that I also know too) for her baby shower. It was at the beginning of this month actually. I believe she's due in September! {Congratulations!}
Both of them had seen another I had made similar to this one, but it was for a little girl. And loved it, so she wanted to get it for her best friend. 
You can view that one HERE.

I love making these, they're so fun and cuddly :) 

Thanks for visiting today!
 Hope you have a very happy Monday!! 

Wishing you with creativeness today :)

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Things in my Etsy Shop!!

Vintage Hankie Brooches....

Recipe for a "Happy Marriage"

Vintage Cuff Bracelets 

 Fabulous Fabric Earrings 

New things in my shop, today!! 

Hope you have a lovely weekend!! 
And thanks for stopping by! 
xo Holly

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Along the fence line....

Flowers are blooming! 

I just got this angel Wednesday at the auction (along with some other goodies, 
I'll show later this week/early next week)

I'm so excited my flowers are blooming!! I planted these bulbs a while back and have been watering them like crazy with this dry hot weather. Was so thankful it rained yesterday and all my plants and flowers got a good drink :) :) 

Husband and I were at a cute little breakfast/brunch place a few weeks ago and seen this sign. I totally wanted one for our kitchen!! It's so me haha!

 So while we were at the auction, they also have a flea market I stepped out into and WaaaLaa there was an old sign shop, went looking around and I found one!!! :) 
Here it is in my kitchen! Picture is a little dark, I took it late last night.

So go get yourself a cup of coffee and do stupid things faster with MORE energy!!!! 
Happy Friday!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!
xo Holly

p.s. I'll be putting some new things in my etsy shop soon,
 so keep checking back! :) ~Smiles~

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