Friday, July 13, 2012

Iced coffee & fresh cherries :)

My love and I shared a couple of delicious iced coffees. SHHHHH.... don't tell but we just bought some already made at Meijer and they're pretty tasty! :) They have mocha, vanilla and original. This time around we got original. I've had the vanilla and mocha at my mom and dads' and those are both good too! 
If you blend  it with some ice they taste like a Starbucks! yumm.  And i'm sure if you wanted to put whip cream on top they'd be good with that too! :) 

Snackin' on some fresh cherries. 

This is my little hydrangea plant. I can't wait for it to bloom!! I've seen many in the area already blooming, I'm thinking I may have to wait for next year to see any flowers, but it's still very pretty! :) 

My grandma works at a blueberry farm in the summer, same one my dad ran when he was younger, and she brought us a 10 lb. box of huge fresh blueberries!! I always go for the big ones, I think they are sweeter. Almost all of these were BIG ones!! So tasty and sweet!

Hope you have a sweet day~
xo Holly


  1. I love Iced coffee! Sounds like you're having a great summer :)

    1. Me too! Thanks for visiting! Have a happy day! :)


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