Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Some new earrings and vintage brooch flowers
 I put into my booth at Thode Floral, in LaPorte, this past weekend.  :)

I found this cute little vintage ironing board, and had to pick it up!
Does anyone have one like it?

Out thrifting I came across these sweet little post card/notes. I first just seen the box and got excited of what could be inside, opened it up and waalaa ....these pretties!

Old sewing drawers will be great to stash some fabrics, buttons, or lace in :) :) 
I put them up on the railing to dry after washing them out.

Andddd.... my Mr. Jerry! He loves playing!
 I don't think we could ever play enough! 

He was watching me out the front door taking pictures :) 

HA... this squirrel was too funny! I watched him out my window, 
climb down the tree, look around on the bench, and then he just got up there and plopped down! 
"Take'n a rest!"
I went got the camera took a couple, then went and got my phone....took one on there too. He stayed there for a while! Too cute! 

Happy week to you!! 
{Smiles} xo Holly


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Love your gorgeous new finds...and love your Jerry too, he's so sweet. Happy Monday to you too, xx

  2. Oh my your squirely friend is adorable...we have a few and they always make me laugh out loud too.
    Loving those earrings of yours today. xoxoxo

    1. They are just too funny!! :) And thank you Koralee :)

  3. Oh, what treasures!! Love the ironing board!! Is it an Ohio Art? xo Heather

    1. Thanks, i'm not sure?? It says wolverine toy ironing board on it, made in Arkansas, USA. ...That's something I could look into :) Hugs~

  4. Holly you found some cute treasures. Love the vintage child's ironing board. I had something similar as a child. The picture of the squirrel is precious It sure made me smile. Hope you have a great day.



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