Thursday, May 30, 2013

Glass Bird Feeders with Vintage Dishes

Happy day to you all!! 

I made these glass bird feeders, one for my mom and one for my grandma for Mother's day a few weeks ago, and wanted to share them!! I use vintage dishes, don't you just love the tea cups on the top!?! 

 I just love how pretty all the glass looks together too! 

Hubby and I are going out to plant our little garden right now, and I'm planning to work on a couple more pin cushions tonight and hopefully get started on another owl softie :)  Are you doing anything fun and crafty tonight?? :) 
This morning I made a Strawberry Rhubarb pie and I'm off to taste it now! :) Hope it's good!! I'll share the recipe if it is!! :) 

xo Holly 

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Friday, May 24, 2013

My 'New' Antique Sewing Machines

Oh i'm so excited to share with you my "new" antique sewing machines!!!
Aren't they gorgeous!!! I've been wanting an old one for a while now, and I ended up with two!! 
I haven't looked into any model numbers yet, it looks like all the parts are there, I think they are ready to sew! Lol. At the same time I found these, my dad found one too! We looked like sewing machine hogs that day we came home from the sale! He got a Singer with a very long arm, his came on a table with the original light and thread holder. I'll have to get a picture of his to show you too!

 They are actually pretty heavy, 
so I had to make two trips, and boy did I have the biggest smile on my face through those trips!! 

 They even came with the cases too!

Who's excited for the holiday weekend? 
I know we are looking forward to it. Tomorrow we are going to garage saleing, maybe hit a few antique stores that we normally don't get to go into, there's a farmers market, and local shopping outside. And then we will probably grill some tasty food with my parents/family :) And maybe play a few outside games!
Wishing you a beautiful weekend!! 
Happy Memorial Day!!! 
xo Holly

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A work in progress and some antique quilts

Hi there, Happy Thursday!! 
I can't believe it's almost the weekend again! Time just flies by! If you follow me on Facebook, you might have already seen a couple of these pictures. Here's a peak of what I'm working on :) 

I got some of this sweet material from Donna at Donna's Lavender Nest, a while back. I've been saving it to make something lovely with it. :) I just love the way my little pin cushion looks in the vintage jello mold tin! :) 

I picked up a couple more quilts!
This large purple one I just recently put in one of my booths at the shop 
{Uptowne Shoppes LaPorte, IN}

 This one, when I bought if from the sweet old lady, said her husband's mom had made it. I just love the colors and pattern of it, (I'll have to get a better picture to show you) when we have a sunny day.

Here's the purple one again. Would be so cute for a little girl's room!
 Don't you think??

I also found this!!! I've been wanting an old canning caddy with jars :) 
I'm excited for it, I'm not sure if I want to put a few stems of flowers in them or put some crafting supplies in it. Either way it will be loved! 

Hope you have a lovely day today!! 
xo Holly

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Sweet Joys of May

Hi there! Happy Monday!
How are you? Mom and I went to get some pretty flowers last week to this beautiful greenhouse. Everything there is always so gorgeous! And very reasonably priced too! I'll have to show a few pictures later in the week of my flowers. I've been pretty busy playing outside, planting, and building a couple fairy gardens too! Luke and I got the cars washed and some good yard work in over the weekend! The horses are enjoying the weather too! Mom and I bathed them all two weeks ago, and they are shedding like crazy right now....so lots of brushing, getting that winter hair off! :) 

Here's one of the flowers I got....pretty pink!

I picked some lilacs on my way up the drive way one morning from feeding the horses. They are one of my favorites, love the way they smell!!! I put them in a little vintage teapot in the kitchen. 

 Our apple trees are all blooming, so pretty.....

 A couple close ups of the apple tree blooms :) 

Jerry wanted to say HI to everyone!! 
(( He's so funny, this toy around his neck is actually a pool toy and somehow he got a hold of it and loves, loves it!! It throws like a frisbee, which he loves those too, but this one is super light and there's a whole in the middle. So we'll throw it and he'll run after it and scoop it up around his neck and bring it back!! So silly! haha. 
 We love him <3 

Wishing everyone a beautiful week full of some crafty goodness 
and happy thrifting too!! 
xox Holly

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vintage Box Swap

A Vintage Swap hosted by Elizabeth over at Creative Breathing
My lovely partner was Kim over at A Vintage Fairy 
She sent me some wonderful vintage goodies! Take a peak....
 I loved the light colored teal runner underneath everything, so pretty!
She sent some jewelry making magazines, a couple vintage books, vintage; hankies, flowers, lace, & beads!
Even a couple little Christmas things too! Do you see the cute crocheted egg!! 
 She made me this adorable box with my name on it :) 

And then, not to mention
 I had won her giveaway for a huge lot of vintage laces!! I've already been using some of these! I love them all, so very pretty! It's so nice to have a stash of these around! And she send a generous bundle my way!!

Thank you sooo much Kim for being a wonderful partner and thank you again for all my wonderful thing you sent me!! 

Thanks for stopping by, Have a great day! 

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xo Holly

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms out there!!! 
Wishing you a special and lovely day!! 

Hugs, Holly

Friday, May 10, 2013

Nest Swap

Hi there, Happy sweet day!
I participated in a very sweet nest swap, hosted by Vivian over at Viv Out on a Wim.
And my partner was Shirley over at Zetta's Aprons. If you don't know either of these fantastic ladies you should go visit them and their cute blogs!
 Vivian's rule was only send it when it's too cute to giveaway....Oh my goodness Shirley I think you did the most wonderful job! I absolutely love my little bunting flag....SO STINKIN CUTE!! She even put a little nest at the bottom with eggs in it. :) It's just gorgeous for spring/summer! I have it hanging in my craft room, so pretty!

And for this marvelous clutch she made, I fell in love with it soon as I spotted it in the box! 
Gorgeous, gorgeous!! 

Aren't all the details sooo lovely!?! I've seen a couple other crafters make these, and I was amazed by them and wanted one so badly.......and now I have a beautiful one!! I was thinking about trying one for myself and now I have a perfect example for it! Even the bottom is so pretty!! :)

OH and I forgot to mention....she sent yummy chocolates too!! My hubby thought both things were cute when I showed him and I even shared a couple of the chocolates with him :) 

Thank you so much Shirley!! 
You were such a wonderful Nest Swap partner! 
I just adore my things you made for me!

Happy weekend!! 
Happy Mother's Day!
xox Holly

Monday, May 6, 2013

Vintage Romantic Necklaces

Already another week.....
those weekends seem to just fly by! But I feel like Luke and I got a lot done over the weekend, which is always a nice feeling! We did a lot of yard work.
I made these vintage romantic style necklaces a couple weeks ago 
and wanted to share them.
You might have seen I added one to my Etsy Shop earlier last week
I added the one all the way on the right side with the vintage picture of a lady, here.
I think these are so neat and fun to wear!

(  For the big soldered ones $17.50 )
*would make a lovely gift! And very unique! :) 
 Here's the backsides of the two....vintage book pages.

 For these two smaller ones $15.99 each

"A little something blue"
It's a cute little key chain or trinket with some vintage blue lace
I think it would be darling to give to a bride :) 

Thanks for visiting me!! I love reading all your comments, you all are so sweet! 
I just had this pointed out to me, that when I reply to most of your comments you aren't getting them unless you come back to my page and look, I'm sorry for that. I hope I can figure out how to make it so you can see my replys on your comments, all along I thought you were!! Lol. 

Up next:
I will be sharing what I got from my wonderful Nest Swap partner!! :) 

Have a great day! 
xo Holly

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