Monday, May 20, 2013

Sweet Joys of May

Hi there! Happy Monday!
How are you? Mom and I went to get some pretty flowers last week to this beautiful greenhouse. Everything there is always so gorgeous! And very reasonably priced too! I'll have to show a few pictures later in the week of my flowers. I've been pretty busy playing outside, planting, and building a couple fairy gardens too! Luke and I got the cars washed and some good yard work in over the weekend! The horses are enjoying the weather too! Mom and I bathed them all two weeks ago, and they are shedding like crazy right now....so lots of brushing, getting that winter hair off! :) 

Here's one of the flowers I got....pretty pink!

I picked some lilacs on my way up the drive way one morning from feeding the horses. They are one of my favorites, love the way they smell!!! I put them in a little vintage teapot in the kitchen. 

 Our apple trees are all blooming, so pretty.....

 A couple close ups of the apple tree blooms :) 

Jerry wanted to say HI to everyone!! 
(( He's so funny, this toy around his neck is actually a pool toy and somehow he got a hold of it and loves, loves it!! It throws like a frisbee, which he loves those too, but this one is super light and there's a whole in the middle. So we'll throw it and he'll run after it and scoop it up around his neck and bring it back!! So silly! haha. 
 We love him <3 

Wishing everyone a beautiful week full of some crafty goodness 
and happy thrifting too!! 
xox Holly


  1. Such beautiful lilacs and apple blossoms!! Jerry is too cute!!! Happy Monday! xo Heather

  2. Jerry is such a cutie. Love all your pretty pictures!

  3. I'm sure Josie would love to help play with Jerry and his special toy. Your blooms are gorgeous. I wish they would last all summer. I can't get enough lilacs.

  4. A big hi to Jerry, the lilacs are lovely. Do we get to see the fairy gardens soon? Sarah x

  5. Hello Jerry - my Ben-dog would have such fun playing with you. She likes frisbees too!
    Gorgeous pics, Holly - love those apple blossoms :-)
    Have a happy week,

  6. Oh Holly! I love your farm with a capital LOVE!! The flowers photos are just gorgeous! I planted alot of flowers this past weekend and right now we are having a hail storm. Hopefully they survive :( Jerry is such a cutie pie! Have a wonderful day, Holly

  7. Love those flowers and what a lovely farm :)

    Vintage Girls


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