Sunday, November 1, 2015

Autumn Hugs

Hi sweet friends! 
What have you all been up to!? 
Hope you are having a great Fall, and some good weather too!
Currently, I'm working on a wholesale candle order......for a cute primitive shop out here in the country. With a little help from mom, watching Grant I'm able to make them :) 

 I've been making some 'Nests' for rings and necklaces :) 
They are so cute and fun!
I have to give up sleep to make pretty things, its worth it though!! 

 Stamping a few vintage silverware pieces here and there.  

 And still working on packing!!
 Love coming across these pretties, and it will be exciting to unpack them at the new house :) 

Took a nice ride on my horse,
 it was so great and just what I needed. 

A cute little outfit ....tehe 

 These two.....just love them!! 
Jerry says "this is my baby brother" :) 

 A few family photos from the pumpkin patch :) 

 Our Jerry

And Halloweenie hugs!!

We have been just sooo busy! Trying to get everything done on the new house so we can move in (hopefully very very soon!) I can not wait! I feel like I've been living around boxes and things for too long, can't wait to get organized and everything have a place! Not to mention I'm overly super excited for decorating!! EEEE Christmas is coming soon!! :) 

Wishing you all a wonderful and beautiful day!
xo Holly 

ps. I miss you all and reading your blogs ....maybe one day I'll have some "free" time....lol! 

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