Sunday, November 1, 2015

Autumn Hugs

Hi sweet friends! 
What have you all been up to!? 
Hope you are having a great Fall, and some good weather too!
Currently, I'm working on a wholesale candle order......for a cute primitive shop out here in the country. With a little help from mom, watching Grant I'm able to make them :) 

 I've been making some 'Nests' for rings and necklaces :) 
They are so cute and fun!
I have to give up sleep to make pretty things, its worth it though!! 

 Stamping a few vintage silverware pieces here and there.  

 And still working on packing!!
 Love coming across these pretties, and it will be exciting to unpack them at the new house :) 

Took a nice ride on my horse,
 it was so great and just what I needed. 

A cute little outfit ....tehe 

 These two.....just love them!! 
Jerry says "this is my baby brother" :) 

 A few family photos from the pumpkin patch :) 

 Our Jerry

And Halloweenie hugs!!

We have been just sooo busy! Trying to get everything done on the new house so we can move in (hopefully very very soon!) I can not wait! I feel like I've been living around boxes and things for too long, can't wait to get organized and everything have a place! Not to mention I'm overly super excited for decorating!! EEEE Christmas is coming soon!! :) 

Wishing you all a wonderful and beautiful day!
xo Holly 

ps. I miss you all and reading your blogs ....maybe one day I'll have some "free" time....lol! 


  1. You'll probably never have any 'free time' but I'm glad you are doing some of the things you love. The photos at the pumpkin patch are adorable! And look at that Halloween cutie! Have FUN sweet friend. Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. Hey Holly! Ive been wondering about your house. how nice that you will move in time to decorate for Christmas!
    The baby is getting so big already. and is adorable as well! (so is Jerry!) lol!
    Nice that you are able to find time to make and sell your candles and pretties!
    love the family pic! you all look so happy!

  3. Hey Holly, good to see you! Such an adorable boy, love the photos. You must be so excited about your upcoming move. Keep us posted when you can. :)

  4. You sure have been a busy crafter along with everything else. Grant is getting so big and he looks absolutely adorable in his first Halloween costume. Hope you get moved into your new home real soon. So exciting!

  5. What great timing to move in your house just in time for Christmas! Cannot wait to see your decorations!Hugs, Diane

  6. I'm so excited for you. The timing is just perfect for your house. I can't believe how big Grant is getting. Adorable family pictures of you ALL. Happy November and Halloween hugs!!

  7. Hi Holly,
    What beautiful pictures. Grant is getting so big and he is adorable. Love seeing your sweet family pictures.

  8. I love seeing pictures of your darling little one! The pumpkin patch pictures are specially nice. I'm so happy for you that life is so exciting! Enjoy your new home and all the decorating. Blessings!


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