Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kiwi Stone Earrings

Here's my new Kiwi Stone earrings, I made yesterday just before work. I just love this stone,
its so pretty in person, all the small different colors you can see.

~Happy Thursday!~ {{aka almost the weekend!!!}}
Luke and I are planning a camping trip!!! {Exxxcited!} He took off Monday and
Tuesday of work, is anyone else doing anything fun this weekend?

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Handmade Lamp from dad

My dad made me this beautiful blue lamp! I just love getting gifts from him that he makes!
He's so talented, he does so many neat things.
He had to cut out all the pieces, grind down all the edges and shape them, then start putting it together.
  It took him several weeks to get it done, and then he surprised me with it!! It's so pretty it goes so well in our living room too! 


Thanks dad! Love you!! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vintage Wedding Cards

I got a beautiful box of vintage wedding cards! Here's just two that were in the box, along with about 10 different other ones. They are so pretty!!

Happy weekend to you all!! Have a good hot one! It's suppose to be upper 90s all weekend and next week here. ....Just in time for the fair! It's always sooo warm during fair week. {Just the way I use to like it!} I miss showing in fair, that was such a great 10 years of my life :) Sooo many good memories & times.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Treasures {part 2}

Hello there, friends! Well yesterday I promised I would share some of the treasures my mom and I found while we were out the other day. So here are some of them!! :)
 Such beauties!!
*This is a whole set of at least 6 plus a few more on some of the items {{Like I got 8 side plates!}} and then some! I got the dinner plates, side plates, saucer and tea cups, large bowl and regular sized bowls!! All for $25!
I thought they were soo pretty!

 OoOoOo these look like root beer float glasses to me and let me tell you, they are delicious in them! hehe

~Stay tuned for some more treasures, I can't wait to show you whats next!
~Smiles & Happy Friday!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Treasures {part 1}

OOoooOOoOoO did I get some new treasures yesterday & today {{in the mail}}!!! I'm so excited to share them with you, but i'll have to post pictures later, so stay tuned!! For now i'll give you a couple pictures of my pretty flowers~ Smiles~

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vintage sheets

Gorgeous vintage sheets....I just splurged a bit to buy some :) On "The Vintage Sheet Blog" had a warm welcoming for a new sponsor::: Anna of Rope Fabric Supply!

 SOOO Pretty!! && So many different kinds!!

She has a pretty big variety to choose from, you better go check it out!!

~Oh I'm sooo excited to get mine in the mail!! I can NOT wait! :) ~


I love picking any kind of fresh fruit, and cherries are so yummy! A week ago from today I went with my dad, uncle, and sister cherry picking. It was a lot of fun and we got a lot of cherries picked! It was a great experience together, we haven't went cherry picking in years. Normally we are getting horses ready for fair, its super hot outside here and the cherries just don't last very long. But we got it in this year! :) {Smiles}


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fun Photo booth

I just love love weddings!!! They are so exciting & beautiful!
One of my good friends Becky and Matt just got married, YaY so exciting
for them!! Luke and I have quite a few weddings to go to this summer/fall.
{{That means More to come!!}} haha. One thing that was super cool at her wedding was
their photo booth! It was such a hit! They actually made it too! :)

  HAHA! This was so much fun!!!

Again what a fantastic idea! I want to make one just for fun and when
we have people over!! hehe....

*** I'm going to start collecting some frames!
*Then spray paint them and have Luke help me make a frame out of some wood
 and then she just covered hers in material! Pretty simple and soo cute! Let me know if
anyone else trys this, I would love to see how it turns out!!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

July 4th

July 4th!!! Happy Independence Day!!! And of course along with celebrating that, we have fireworks, parades, swimming, getting together with family and friends AND cookouts!! YUM I LOVE LOVE food on the grill and all the yummy side dishes, and cold beverages! I can't wait to play some corn hole and other yard games! Hope everyone enjoys all the festivities of the 4th of July!!! :)

I get SOOOOOO excited for this holiday!! It's even suppose to be nice weather Hot & Sunny, as it should be for the 4th!!! LOL. Well I have to go get the horse barn done, go to work, and then one of our good friends, Clayton is coming into town and staying with us!! *Can't wait*
~I'm going to make us some good patriotic cupcakes :)
~*~ Love and peace everyone!~*~
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