Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Awesome Auction Finds/Treasures & a Custom Order

Hello friends! Happy Tuesday! 
I hope you're having some nice weather like we are! We've been enjoying some warmer sunny days in the past few days, and it's been super wonderful! We've already grilled out a handful of times and are enjoying working in the yard. I can't wait to start planting some flowers and make another fairy garden!! Here's last years if you'd like to take a peak *FAIRY GARDEN*.

I had a custom order to make this cute little Elephant softie. I just love how he turned out! In fact one of the girls at work, loved him so much she wants me to make her a pink giraffe for her bed.  :) 

I made this hoop for my booth at the shop, 
{you might have seen it in a picture in my last post about my booths} :) 

onto some awesome finds and treasures I brought back with me from the auction last week!
*   *   *   *
I think I must admit to myself that I'm addicted when it comes to going to the Shipshewana Auction!
You never know what kind of goodies you might come home with! 
A lovely rug (that has been washed and laying on the floor) Jerry thinks it's another bed for him, he loves it! 
I got a lot of vintage cigar boxes, some aren't in the best shape, but I might find something to do with them still, and for the others I have a couple ideas in mind. 

um...yes I bid on these lockers, and then was hoping they weren't the super heavy ones, considering this time we went it was only me and the hubby. But they weren't too bad, we got them loaded! Lol.
I only paid $15 for them....how could I pass that up! :)  I want to clean them up, and do something neat with them. ~Maybe in our back door/mudroom area. 
 Ohhh yes I spotted some dishes! I think I might have got just the box of dishes for like $5 
I can't pass up pretty vintage dishes for that! 
If you look up a couple pictures, where you can see the box of dishes sitting on the bench, you can see I got two black hands. I've been wanting some of those so bad to sit around or display jewelry on! 

I got this rusty headboard (left side) I'm excited to put it in a flower bed. That's another project coming up soon and i'm excited for, we're going to put a couple up in the front yard, kind of by the Arborvitaes trees. 

Speaking of those, here's some that we planted up in our front yard.

Hope you enjoyed looking at some of the pictures, I always enjoy and "swoon" at looking at all your pretties!!! There's always so much inspiration on your blogs! Thank you for that!!

Wishing you a lovely and creative day! 
xox Holly

Saturday, April 27, 2013

My two booths at "Uptowne Shoppes"

Hi there! Happy Saturday!
Since I finally took my good camera to the shop and got a few decent pictures, I thought I would share with you my booths :) 
So here is the building, on the corner of State Street and Monroe 

Last week I took this old wooden barn door and a lovely vintage garland/banner that I made up to my second booth. 

 There's some handmade jewelry//Earrings on the white fence

 Cute vintage highchair, in really good condition and very sturdy too! 
I just love the sweet picture on it.

This pretty vintage yellow banner/garland is 5 foot, 4 inches end to end.

Some of my warmer tarts and candles :) 

~Cute Pom Poms~ 
*make a lovely bouquet for a birthday party or for any other celebration

And a couple vintage cuff bracelets that I made sitting on a red vintage tray :) 

 Love doing custom orders, or if you see something let me know:: I can grab it out of my booth or make another....I will gladly ship!! (:

We are having some lovely weather this weekend! I hope you are too!
I'm going out to enjoy some sunshine! Have a great weekend!! 
xo Holly 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Etsy Shop Update::

Happy Thursday!!!
I've added some new "warmer tart" scents to my Etsy shop 
They all smell soooooo wonderfully good! And make the whole house smell good too!

Here's just a few different warmers you can pick up at your local Walmart or Meijer stores.
I just love plugging these in!! So much easier and safer than candles, and I think more effective too! 
So if you're interested take a look at some of the different smells I have and give it a try! :) 
((Would love to work with any custom orders too!))
Would be happy to put a package of different scents together for you!
*Makes great gifts too!
**Don't forget Mother's day is coming right up!! :) 

Have a lovely day! 
xo Holly

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thrifty Treasures

Hello everyone, I wanted to share some of my thrifty treasures 
I found last weekend while out antiquing with Luke. 
I came home with a smile on my face with these! :) 
Here's a few pictures......

 A whole carton of cuties! 

(cute little cigar box.....loved the colors)

We're going to the auction in the morning {so excited!} ~ We always find a good treasure or two there! Hoping we come home with some good junk!! :) 

A little note: 
I just wanted to say 
thank you everyone for all your sweet 
comments and coming to visit my little blog
it means so much, and its truly amazing and a blessing to be 
in this awesome blog community!! You all are wonderful and 
so generous! Thank you for your friendships!!  :) 

Hope you have a great night!!!
xo Holly

Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Jewelry

Hi there! Happy Sunday!!
I made some new handmade jewelry. Mostly earrings right now and if you scroll to the end I made some fun vintage inspired pendants for some necklaces soon to come :) 

{{ I just love all these pretties :) They make me smile! }}

a wee note:: 
I took several new pairs up to the shop 
{{Uptown Shoppes on state street, in Laporte, IN }} 
So if you're in the area, stop in a have a look! 
*Taking some new things up today also, such as; an old barn door, handmade hoops, a few more of my candles, warmer tarts, and some vintage treasures! :) 

I'll be posting soon about some of the little treasures I found last weekend! 
Soo.... have a fabulous day and Happy Sunday! 
xox Holly

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New: Dress Form Lady

Hi there! Happy Wednesday! I've been sewing and working on making a couple of these dress form ladies! I just love how they've came out! I'm already planning to make a few more to put in my booth I have. And soon as my mom seen the cream color one, she "called it!" Lol. 

Here's a couple better pictures of my owl softie I made.
I received a custom order for an elephant, due in about a week, so I'm excited to start making him.  The elephant is for a baby boy. 

I've been watching the little birds stuff their house full again. If you remember last year's post on the little green house
They are just too cute to watch! I love when they come flying over with their beaks full of tiny sticks, feathers, and whatever else they can find.
My goodness, while I've been visiting and catching up on some blogs while drinking my coffee, it's been thundering so loud and quite a bit too! I think we're in for some rain! ~Actually they are calling for it today til Friday. We just bought some Arborvitae Trees to plant across our front yard, to the edge of the driveway, so hopefully we can get those planted by the weekend. We planted four last night :)

Have a great day and create something pretty this week! 
xox Holly

Linking with Andrea over at The Cottage Market
((a Junkin Joe party...go take a look!)) 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Today, we go Antiquing!

Today, Luke and I are going antiquing!! I'm so excited to see what kind of treasures we might find or run into.  Hope you all have a wonderful and Happy Sunday!! It's suppose to be 70 later this afternoon here!!! ~so excited, we'll probably come home and do a little yard work too! 

Leaving you with this little softie owl I made last week.....
He's up in my booth at "Uptown Shoppes"

 Along with this chalk board I put in my booth as well.
*thought it was a fun way to write what's new in the booth.....until it finds a happy home :) 

Wishing you a creative day! 
xo Holly

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