Monday, September 30, 2013

A quick post and a good night!

Hi there! Just wanted to pop in and say hi! 
Luke wiped my computer out, and is reloading everything back on, I'm hoping to get my pictures back on tomorrow! And I'll be back with a fun post of some new treasures I got (: 
For now here's a picture off my phone of my rusty bike and pumpkin out front :) 
 And Jerry always likes helping me decorate!!!
 Have a lovely rest of the evening! We are off to bed!! 
Good night!
xo Holly

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A few finds from the weekend

Hi there, happy sweet Wednesday!! 
Here are a few pretty and cozy finds from over the weekend!
I found this lovely little quilt at a flea market. Isn't she adorable!!
And I just love all the pretty fall colors too!
{I did decide to part with her and I put her in my booth, so someone else can love
and cozy up with her!} 

 Such gorgeous colors!

 I found this pretty Christmas tablecloth at a church rummage sale (those are the best!)
I think the tag said like 16 x 80" its pretty long. 

 I loved the details, everyone looks so cheery and happy! And such pretty colors too!! 
Rich red and green! I love the giant candy canes in the corners! 

This stack of linens and quilt pieces I bought at the auction 
and I was very pleased to have won them!
There are a lot of great quilt pieces with corduroy that I want to make into something!
 I have a couple things in mind!

A Witch's Broom ....perfect for Halloween
{{ I put it in my booth as well, since it
is decorated now for Halloween! }}

And this darling quilt is freshly laundered and already on our bed! 
I loved the pretty golden/mustard yellow and white! I bought this one at the auction for a pretty good price, and it's in wonderful condition! I decided I will love her for a while!! :) 

**If you didn't see my post about new things in the shop and would like to take a peak you can go HERE
Thank you!
Have a lovely day!! 
xo Holly

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Monday, September 23, 2013

~Happy Autumn~Shop Update

Hi there! Happy sweet Autumn!!
I've been working on a few new goodies for my Etsy shop
want to take a look!!?!
 A dark purple velvet pumpkin
 and a pretty red velvet one too! 
I used real pumpkin stems, from my pumpkins last year!

 I'm so excited for these::
my crochet acorns!!
 I collected some acorn caps at my parents' house they have a huge tree that over looks the driveway. It's like an I-spy trying to find ones that aren't smashed or broken.

 They make wonderful vase fillers or
 at the bottom of a pretty dish or plate for a candle!

 A few new fall -ish bracelets, the stones are soo pretty!

  And lastly, 
A Vintage Paper Chain Garland! 
In my Etsy Shop I'm selling it as a kit,
so you get the strips mailed to you, that way none of the chains will get bent. (: 
 It has the most darling vintage images on them!! 
There are 6 different patterns and you get 4 of each!! So it's about 35 inches long,
which is perfect for hanging in a doorway, across a fireplace, a buffet table, or just laying on a table for decoration! 

***You may find these things in my Etsy Shop HERE***
Thanks for catching up with me!! Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!
My hubby's birthday is Friday, so I'm planing something fun for him! I'll have to share that after the weekend!

Happy Fall!
Smiles to you all!
xo Holly 

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's Caramel Apple Season

A few pictures and snippets of some fall decor! Have you all started decorating for fall yet!? 
I'm excited for the new season, we've already had our first caramel apples and I bought the first bag of candy corns over the weekend too! :) Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie candles were made, and I'm making a batch of Caramel Popcorn candles and warmer tarts later today! ((After hubs and I get back from running a couple errands!)) I'm thinking chicken salad on croissants tonight for dinner....yum!

~ Happy sweet day!! ~
xo Holly

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Halloween Bingo Card and a Pretty Morning

Happy Sunday!
Hope you all are having a great weekend! It's really cooled off the past couple days leaving us with very crisp mornings and evenings. I'm excited to do a little crochet today, I have a couple small projects in mind and hope they turn out how I want them to! Here's an old bingo card that I decorated up for Halloween.

I love the tassel I made, isn't it cute!? I was thinking if you were to make several, different sizes and colors for a little garland would be cute!

One early morning I took Jerry out and seen this beautiful spider web, so I had to run back in and grab the camera! Isn't it so pretty! Such talented little spiders!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! 
~Enjoy your day~
Hugs, Holly

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The crows and owls need Party Hats too!!

Hi there! Happy sweet Thursday! 
My goodness, time is just flying by, seems like I haven't posted in a while! I've been pretty busy lately though. I've been making new things for my booth (which I still haven't gotten good pictures of yet) hopefully soon!!! I made these black birds and the feathery owls some party hats for Halloween!! 

I also made a pipe cleaner kitty cat following Elizabeth's tutorial over at Creative Breathing.
Lately our weather has been feeling like its the middle of the hot summer, so i'm enjoying it being warm still, because here in Indiana it could be snowing in the next month! It's probably just right around the corner! Lol. But hopefully not, I'm excited for some cooler fall weather! I love the crisp cooler mornings and evenings, apple pickings and opening the doors and windows all up, letting that wonderful breeze come in! I'm excited to start doing some crochet again here soon too! 
I've been enjoying a good cup of coffee and catching up with you all, Jerry is laying at me feet chewing a bone with a toy too! :) 
Happy sweet day to you! 
xox Holly

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