Monday, April 28, 2014

I just couldn't wait....

Hi there!!! 
You guys..... I bought my first pink Pyrex today!!!!
I'm so excited
I feel I may be starting another addiction collection! :) 
So I took a few pictures with my camera, these are from my cell (sorry the quality isn't too great) But I just couldn't wait to show you!! 

This is what we ate for dinner tonight, it was pretty good.....so very easy too!
Put a few salmon fillets in the middle of a 9x13, half the tomatoes and put on one side and green beans on the other. I drizzled a little olive oil on them and just a little salt and pepper. On the salmon I used a little lemon pepper seasoning and melted butter. 
Put in the oven at 400 degrees and bake for about 20 minutes!! 

Only one pan to use and clean!! 
Thank you pinterest for the recipe! 
I have it pinned on my Food Board (: 

 The horses were grooming each other in the pasture (: 

Have a great night!! 
I'll be back with better pictures,(lol) and with a few finds I brought home from the estate sale too!! :)

xo Holly 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Letter Boards

Hi there! 
Happy sweet Friday to you!! 
What a quick week that has already passed! 
If you seen in my last post, I found some games at the thrift and I was "playing with some of them" crafting up something.....
Here's a few letter boards I made up...I'm having so much fun with these! I'm hoping to find a game with black tiles and white letters! I'm on the look out for any games with letters! 
There's just so many fun possibilities!!

 Look you can set these anywhere in your home! I think my little birdie likes the sign (: 

 I put the 'Eat Cake' and 'Soar' in my booth yesterday, 
I'm hoping to make some more of these cuties! 

Too fun!! 
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Hope we can all enjoy some lovely spring weather!!?! 
I'm going to an estate sale tomorrow morning, I'm just dreaming of what treasures I might find! 
Happy sweet day! 
xo Holly 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Letter games

Hi there!!! 

A few finds I found at the thrift! 
 (Ok hubby spotted the 'word thief' game) and I'm oh so excited!
I started playing some with the games today.....no I wasn't sitting in the floor playing all by myself, I was crafting something up! :) LOL
I took some pictures, I'll have to get them off my camera tomorrow!! 
 I was lucky to find one leather belt too! 
I've been wanting to make some leather cuff bracelets....I think they will be really fun!

 And an exciting announcement
(located in Elburn, IL) is now selling my warmer tarts at her cute shop!! 
She has a facebook page where you can go take a look!

And here's a few pictures from Easter Sunday
Pretty tulips mom got for the grandmothers

we...are...goofs!! haha

 Took a few pictures before church, it was such a lovely and nice day!!

Thanks so much for visiting!
Have a wonderful day!!
xo Holly 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Quick and Easy Easter Goodie Bag

Hi sweet friends,
 hope your weekend is beautiful and you're able to enjoy some lovely sunshine! 

Here's a quick, easy, and fun goodie bag for you on Easter! 
I made several of these up for tomorrow! 
First gather your supplies:::
Ice cream cones
Malt Ball Eggs
Clear bags, some pretty ribbon, and some tape!
 I cut the peeps in half and stuck them in the cones, 
then put three malt ball eggs on top then added M&M's as filler

 I just put the cone in one corner of the bags and then sorta roll the bag around, taped it and then tied it off. I trimmed the tops of my bags so they were a little shorter and this is how they turned out! So excited to give these out tomorrow and today!! (: 

So fun! 
I know all my crafty friends would like to make these!! :) 

Happy Easter!!!
Easter hugs, Holly 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The girls are ready for Easter ~and surprises in the mail!!

Hurry hurry girls, pick your Easter dresses (aprons) out for church, 
we're going to be late!!! 
 My girls are ready for Easter Sunday, 
we got dressed yesterday.....whew! That was a close one!!

 She just had to pick a cute necklace out to go along with her Easter dress apron!

And look what else we have here!! 
I received this surprise in the mail from sweet Pam over at Virginia Retro
is exactly what I did when I opened this package up!! 

Thank you so much Pam!! That was so nice and thoughtful of you to send me all these pretties!! I'm still just enjoying the pretty pile of them! :) 
And look what else she sent along.....a sweet handmade Easter card!! You'll have to go visit Pam and see all her other sweet Easter cards, and her to die for beautiful vintage table clothes!! :) 

Happy Thursday!! 
Today starts the weekend for us!! (no work tomorrow!!)
Wishing you all a very blessed Happy Easter weekend & Holiday!!
Easter hugs, Holly 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pre Easter Week!

Happy Tuesday!! 
It's pre-Easter week!! 
I started getting a few fun and cute things together for some Easter baskets this morning! 
I can't wait to give them!! Unfortunately I can't show them yet.
My mom always did, still does such sweet and thoughtful baskets for us! When my sis and I were little we would always wake up (a little extra) early to see what the Easter bunny had brought us! It was always so exciting!! Of course we would have some candy before breakfast and then usually get ready and go to church with grandma. Such sweet memories, that I cherish so much! 

This fun jar of hand stamped spoons and butter knives went into my booth this past Sunday, I hope they can find some happy families!! 

 I thought they would be so cute in a sticking out of a small plant in the kitchen window! 
Soon as our winter weather passes again, and warms up this week, I'm going to be stamping some more! 
These are addicting if you start!! :) I really had fun blinging them out with vintage jewelry pieces!

 And can you guess what I'm going to be doing with these??? 
Fun stuff is happening! te he....you'll have to wait!! 

Sending Easter hugs!!
xo Holly 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Peter Rabbit Peat Pots!

Hi sweet friends, hoping you had a lovely weekend!!
 If you remember back a few posts ago, I was just starting to work on some peat pots well here they are finished! I gave one to Dorothy my swap partner and put one in my booth, and these two are with me still :) 

And here's a peak of what I sent to my sweet swap partner Dorothy!! 
Here's her sweet blog if you haven't visited yet! 
(these are actually the pictures she took, I only took a few before I sent it off and they didn't turn out very good, probably because I took them at night! lol)

 I had so much fun packaging everything up and making some frilly tissue paper! :) 

Happy new week to you!! 
xo Holly 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Pretties

Hi there!! A very happy sweet Friday to you!! 
We're having a big warm up over the weekend, so excited to get outside and enjoy it!! 
In my last post you might have seen some old silverware that I got, well here's what I'm doing with them! 
After a good washing, I stamped these and added some sweet vintage brooch pieces to them! 
"Junk Queen, Coffee Lover, Mother, Dessert First, Spread Love"
I'll be taking these up to my booth this weekend. 
I have some new display ideas for my booth too. 
With a little help from hubby and dad to move a giant cabinet ..... 

The cute bird nest necklace is now listed in my Etsy Shop 
 I made some nest earrings with some peachy 
colored fresh water pearls, love the way they came out! 

And you may ask yourself what do we have here....
well its an arm party of course! haha 

These were a few earrings I made for a custom order
 Another look at this cute bracelet :) 
~I'll be making more of these so fun to wear with others!

Oh and ps. these cute coasters are from Heather (: Aren't they darling!!

A "soar" necklace I'm working on 
 And last but not least....
 "I'd Rather Be Thrifting" hand stamped piece 
I love this one! 

Hooray for spring like weather this weekend!!! 
Hope you can enjoy some nice weather too! 
Have a lovely weekend!! 
xo Holly 

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