Thursday, April 17, 2014

The girls are ready for Easter ~and surprises in the mail!!

Hurry hurry girls, pick your Easter dresses (aprons) out for church, 
we're going to be late!!! 
 My girls are ready for Easter Sunday, 
we got dressed yesterday.....whew! That was a close one!!

 She just had to pick a cute necklace out to go along with her Easter dress apron!

And look what else we have here!! 
I received this surprise in the mail from sweet Pam over at Virginia Retro
is exactly what I did when I opened this package up!! 

Thank you so much Pam!! That was so nice and thoughtful of you to send me all these pretties!! I'm still just enjoying the pretty pile of them! :) 
And look what else she sent along.....a sweet handmade Easter card!! You'll have to go visit Pam and see all her other sweet Easter cards, and her to die for beautiful vintage table clothes!! :) 

Happy Thursday!! 
Today starts the weekend for us!! (no work tomorrow!!)
Wishing you all a very blessed Happy Easter weekend & Holiday!!
Easter hugs, Holly 


  1. So many pretty treasures, what a sweet surprise. Love your ladies dressed up in vintage aprons. Happy Easter to you too:-)

  2. Every one looks so lovely in their Easter "finery".... I find the old aprons don't fit around my wide "girth" lol.... doesn't stop me from buying them though! lol

  3. Looks like a fun package to receive. I love old trims and lace. That card is adorable! I love it! That shorter, blue apron is really cute!

  4. Your ladies look lovely in their spring outfits. What a fun package to receive full of pretty trims and items that Pam knew you would love.

    xo Danielle

  5. Aren't you a lucky lady with all your special gifts. Love all your pretty spring outfits. Easter hugs!

  6. Oh, the girls look sooo pretty in their darling new aprons! :) ...What a lovely package of goodies Pam sent you too!!! Happy Easter sweetie pie! xo

  7. Sweet aprons and girls!! And, lovely pretties from Pam!! Happy Easter Holly! xo Heather

  8. Lovely aprons and a sweet collection of gifts! Happy Easter weekend. Tammy


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