Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pre Easter Week!

Happy Tuesday!! 
It's pre-Easter week!! 
I started getting a few fun and cute things together for some Easter baskets this morning! 
I can't wait to give them!! Unfortunately I can't show them yet.
My mom always did, still does such sweet and thoughtful baskets for us! When my sis and I were little we would always wake up (a little extra) early to see what the Easter bunny had brought us! It was always so exciting!! Of course we would have some candy before breakfast and then usually get ready and go to church with grandma. Such sweet memories, that I cherish so much! 

This fun jar of hand stamped spoons and butter knives went into my booth this past Sunday, I hope they can find some happy families!! 

 I thought they would be so cute in a sticking out of a small plant in the kitchen window! 
Soon as our winter weather passes again, and warms up this week, I'm going to be stamping some more! 
These are addicting if you start!! :) I really had fun blinging them out with vintage jewelry pieces!

 And can you guess what I'm going to be doing with these??? 
Fun stuff is happening! te he....you'll have to wait!! 

Sending Easter hugs!!
xo Holly 


  1. Holly, LOve the stamped spoons I do have one in a potted plant from a dear friend~ Those should fly out of your booth~ Happy Easter

  2. I'm sure those stamped spoons will sell out quickly. They are so much fun! Isn't it fun to think about Easter baskets and past celebrations. I hope the girls never get tired of it.

  3. Your spoons are wonderful! Fond memories of past Easter mornings and baskets are fun....yay for candy in the morning, lol.

  4. Those spoons are so cute! I have very fond memories of Easter morning too! We always ate too much candy before Breakfast!



  5. Holly, those spoons are just so cute, cute, CUTE!!! xo

  6. I just love that Jerry! Sweet face. And the spoons are lovely and nicely displayed. Best wishes,Tammy


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