Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's on my drying mat?

Hello there sweet friends!
What's on my drying mat? 
Fire King and pretty juice cups!!
What's in my kitchen sink???
More pretty vintage dishes! 
A plastic red thermos with all the parts, 
two pretty white bowls (Fire king) and a white Fire King mug
Those are fun for fourth of July decorating!! :) 
And then there was this sweet bunny.

 I thought the graphics were so sweet and cute! I was excited to show you!! :) 
 And a sweet bible verse on the side Psalms 23

Wishing you all a lovely day!! 
xo Holly 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Antique Fun

Happy Sweet Tuesday!! 
Here's a lovely fresh laundered pile of vintage sheets and pillowcases I picked up at a garage sale! 
I just love how beautiful they are! The yellow with sweet roses is a favorite in this stack! :) 

 Here's some new antiques and fun things that are in my booth! 

Isn't this light so fun! 

I haven't put these two things in my booth. 
I plan to clean up the top drawer/shelf and give it a fresh (and pretty) coat of paint, maybe do something fun with it! And for the bottom piece I had to get it because I was inspired by Betsy over at My Salvage Treasure....with her very sweet redo on the attic vent cover!! You'll have to go see it....it's holding so many cute things!! :) 

Not the best picture of mine here^^ but there is screen on the backside.

 This would make a cute planter! 
& here's a piece of a picking ladder (already in the booth) 

A cute black shelf and a large antique mirror.
The mirror is heavier than the shelf! 

And I do love this red primitive cabinet, 
that sits in my booth awaiting its new home :)
 You could really decorate it up so cute!! 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, we finally got everything planted in our garden! A little late this year, but better late than not having one! :) I can't wait for those tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchinis to get ripe!! Yummy!! 

Have a great day!! 
xo Holly 

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Stamped spoons

Happy Friday!! 
Hope you all had a wonderful week! I've been working away on some new jewelry!
I've been making these hand stamped spoons, I had a couple custom orders that have been keeping me busy this week. Have you been up to anything fun!?!
I'm just loving the way these look and are coming out! 

A custom order for a "Blessed" bracelet, I attached a little vintage brooch piece on the side, I think it turned out so cute! :) 

I hope she loves it!! 

I've just started re-decorating the buffet a little bit, here's what its looking like so far. 
Have to started decorating for the fourth yet??? It's fun adding splashes of red and blue around!

Was just popping in to say Hello and hope your day is going well!! :) 
Have a lovely weekend! It's suppose to be nice tomorrow, I think some yard work, strawberry eating picking, and gardening is in our plans :) 
xo Holly

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Red and White

Hi sweet friends! 
Hope you had a lovely weekend!!
 I've finished my little toadstool mushrooms that I made (mention here in this post)
 I think they came out cute! Since the sticks that I screwed into them are a bit big to just stick into the ground I need to put something like a stake on the end, so then they'll go right into the ground. 
 I told Jerry to come over a take a peak at them! lol
I found this sweet little vintage pillowcase! Thought it was so cute! 
 I also got a few other vintage linens, washed them up and since the day I did this it was rainy outside, so they got to hang around inside over the kitchen curtain rods :) 
That's ok, because they were pretty and smelled good! :) 

I was so tickled when I found this little vintage parrot brooch pin in the bottom of some jewelry I bought. I had no idea it was in there, so it was a little surprise and treat when I was digging going through the jewelry! 
It says Made in Japan along the bottom.

My new parrot squawks..... "Hope you have a great new week!!!"
xo Holly 

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vintage Flash Cards

Hello there!
I've always liked these vintage flash cards, but I don't come across them too often. 
 So I seen over at Laurie's blog, Magpie Ethel:: the "how to make your own!!"
I was so excited! What a genius idea! You can make any word(s) you want!! 
So I quickly gathered a few folders that we weren't using anymore, cut the edges off and stuck one at a time in the printer, printing off these! 

For the full tutorial head over to Laurie's fun blog!! 

 (Now I can put these words all over the house....la de da la de da! hehe)

Too fun!!! :) 

Ps. I'm doing 10% off of anything in my Etsy shop until Saturday!! :) 
Just because, happy June!
{{CODE:::: June10}} 

Hope you have a lovely day!! 
xo Holly

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekend fun

Happy new week! 
Hope you all are doing wonderful!
 It's been a busy fun filled weekend, trying to do some catching up now! 
I can't wait to show you some of the finds I found out at some garage sales!! 
Our first fire of the season, and it was so nice! 
Hot dogs and smores were in order!! 
 I made this fresh Corn Summer Salad too, its pretty yummy! 
Here's the recipe:: 
*You can add or subtract things, this is an estimate of what I did.
~3 ears of corn (cooked, I put mine in the microwave for 2 minutes and it tastes very good! 
~2 pints of cherry or grape tomatoes (or used about 15 oz) (I halved mine too)
~2 avocados 
~4-5 scallions 
~fresh lime juice *2 -halve and squeeze into
~1-2 tbs. oil (vegetable)
-salt and pepper

----Tastes very fresh and healthy!! 

 Some pretty flowers from the hubby.
 Father's Day is this weekend....
so I had to make a some spoons for my booth (: 
 "Happy Father's Day"
"I Turn Grills On" 

What have you been up to!?! I will be coming to visit you soon!! Can't wait to catch up with you all!!
Happy sweet day!!
xo Holly

Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Pretties

Good morning!! 
Happy Friday!
I thought I'd share a few pretties with you real quick!! 

I got some more "pretty" bottles (from Hobby Lobby 50% off) for my bottle tree 
that my dad made for me (: 

I found this cute little vanity stool for only $3 
I'm going to re-do it. I'm thinking some spray paint, and a cute seat cushion! :)

A fresh batch of Cranberry Marmalade {All Natural Soy Wax} Warmer Tarts 
You can find lots of warmer tarts to choose from in my Etsy Shop.

Today marks 10 years that my sweetie and I have been together! Crazy how time flies!! 
Looking forward to many more sweet memories to create with him. 

ps. I also thrifted that cute plate for .50 and an old scrabble game with the black tiles and white lettering!! Yipeeee! **Confession I got two of those plates and only at .50 each!! tehe!!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend sweet friends! 
xox Holly 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Twisted Tuesday!

Twisted Tuesday is for my first circle scarf!! Lol
I made it with some pretty mint and gray jersey knit material and some pretty green lacey material. They both feel so soft! :)

 Here's a few new hand stamped spoon pendant necklaces
They are both listed in my Etsy Shop.
 I think they are so fun!! 
You can wear just one or wear them in multiples! 
I've been having a lot of fun making all sorts of things from vintage silverware!
 I just love making these!
 I already have several more stamped;
 I have to cut them off, sand them down and then drill a hole :)
then they will be ready! 

Our sweet Jerry boy (: 
Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Luke and I's 3rd wedding anniversary and on Friday we've been together for 10 years!! We'll be celebrating this weekend. I have something fun planned for Friday night and he's planning the rest of the weekend :) 

Wishing you all a beautiful rest of the week!! 
xox Holly 

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