Monday, June 2, 2014

Pallet Feeder or Planters

Happy new week!
It's already Monday again, the weekend always comes and goes so quickly! 
Friday evening I was all excited about these Pallet Bird feeders or Flower Planter boxes I made! 
Hubby had taken some pallets apart and put the boards together for me, and I screwed on the loaf pans and ran inside to get one of my thrifted leather belts to put on top! Screwed the belt on top for a cute handle! 

Saturday morning I took these up to my booth, to put for sale: $7.50 & $10 

I also made these cute mushroom toadstools.
I had to work a bit for these, I grabbed a hand saw and went out back and found a nice size stick and starting sawing it into three pieces. Then screwed on the tops. (Which are vintage jello molds spray painted, from this post.)
They are now awaiting their white polka dots! :) I got the little one painted yesterday.

I've been catching up on some blogs this morning with my coffee!
Happy June!! 
Have a lovely day! 
xo Holly

***ps. I am about to pull my hair out and come un-glued with these "stink bugs" ~ and the sister stink bugs, that keep coming in, we've sprayed outside a few times....does anyone have ANY suggestions or know what they do not like??? I know this sounds very silly and knowing i'm more or a country girl, but I'm terrified of them! I would rather bees be buzzing around. 
I know soap and water mixed kills them, so needless to say I'm walking around in my house with a spray bottle in my hand, pathetic I know!
Thanks!! (: 


  1. Inspired ideas ... I love the bird feeders ... well, that's what I would use them for!
    Thankfully, we don't get Stink Bugs here!
    M x

  2. Love how you used the pallets. No stink bugs at our place either. Our biggest issue are the darn mosquitoes. Josie is terribly allergic. Our woods are just full of them this year.

  3. The pallet planters are so creative! You priced them to fly out of your booth.

    We have those horrible stink bugs. I hate them too and they seem to be able to sneak into the house. Dont know how they get in or how to get rid of them. They fly right into you too, ugh....gross!

  4. Clever little pallet planters and I love the toadstools to be.

  5. I love the pallet planters or bird feeders. They are so cute that I would definitely buy one. Have a great week!

  6. Very clever and creative my dear.
    I don't think stink bugs have hit our shores yet but I will keep an eye out for them!
    Best wishes

  7. Love you feeders! Stink bugs are of the devil! I have no idea how to get rid of them and I am constantly catching them and flushing them down the toilet!

  8. Holly did you try pinterest? and I would try white vinegar in a spray bottle I have been having troubles with ants!!! A dear older friend (age 81) said it and also she said spray your screens so they don't come in!! Just a thought!! BTW I use white vinegar for a lot things!! and it's natural. boom xoxo love fran.

  9. That's a really cute idea for a bird feeder - sweet!!

  10. Cute bird feeders and toadstools, and so creative!! Hope the bugs go away!! xo Heather

  11. Wow! The planters are great! I bet they'll sell right away at that price too.
    You could totally ask more for something so cute and handmade.
    I might need to make some of those mushrooms too.
    Great job, Holly!
    Erica :)


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