Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sweet Vintage Finds

Hi sweet friends!! 
Hope you're having a lovely week! Tomorrow is already Friday!!
I feel like I've been a very busy girl!! Lol. Monday (Memorial Day) the hay farmers called and we got two wagon loads of hay 250 bales, we stacked into our barn for the horses. And those bales are so heavy, about 70-80 lbs....I'm still a little sore today! Then Tuesday we unloaded sawdust (shavings for the horse stalls, a big wagon load of those) yesterday dad and I took a 3 mile walk down the road, and Luke and I did some yard work. We weeded, spread some mulch (which we still need a few more bags) and planted a few flowers! Phew! But I'm so enjoying the warmth and the sunshine!! 
Ok..... onto the good stuff!! :) 

Aren't these little salt and pepper shakers the cutest!! 
I have a plan for them! :) 

 This little shaker was all by its self, so she had to come home too! 
I loved how sweet these roosters are on this mini tray! 

Vintage cupcake liners 
and a sweet vintage doily :) Love the bright red.

A few sweet children's books, the graphics are so cute and colorful too!

And some new stickers for my shop (: 

Wishing you a lovely day!! 
Thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my posts (: It's always so lovely to hear from you!!
xox Holly 

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  1. I love vintage children's books. The illustrations are so cute! You got some cute finds! The work is never done on a farm. LOL! I have always lived on a farm and would never have it any other way. Have a great weekend!

    Hugs, Dianne

  2. The books look to be sweet ones! But, then most all vintage children's books are!

  3. You sound super busy at the farm. How fun to find a few treasures too. I'm always smitten with children's books. Thank you again for my grasshopper puzzle. I can't wait to put it together, frame it and hang it up in the garden shed. It's PERFECT!

  4. Must've been nice to have a break from all that farm work! Love all three of your sweet little shakers :)

  5. I always love hearing what you have been up to on the farm! Sounds like a lot of work is getting done. What awesome finds! I love the rooster tray, so cute. Have a great weekend, Holly

  6. You made me tired just thinking about all that labor, lol. Happy to see that you made time for a little treasure hunting. Fun goodies!

  7. Oh my goodness those books are the sweetest. Happy you found some sweet things after all your hard work. Happy weekend to you.

    xo Danielle


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