Friday, May 23, 2014

Pretty Flowers and Nice Weather

Happy FRIDAY!!!
Hi sweet friends, hope you had a wonderful week! 
We are excited for the long holiday weekend!!
Here's a few pictures of some flower baskets I got recently.....
 I just love the bright red Geraniums, so pretty. 

Jerry has been outside enjoying our nice weather too!

 I was finally able to get some flowers (I didn't want to get them too soon, as it did just frost about a week ago here) and the evening I brought them home we were suppose to have a storm that could turn into a serve thunder storm with hail......so under the porch they all went! :) 
 Our storm wasn't too bad and everyone survived!! :) 
 Hanging in their places now...

I bought this wheel/flower yard stake and just loved it!! I'm wanting to make some.
I found a small old wheel out in the middle of the woods when dad and I were mushroom hunting! ~its a start! :) 

Happy Memorial Weekend Everyone!! 
Hope you can enjoy some nice weather and some Memorial day festivities!! 
xo Holly  


  1. your flowers are so pretty, & I love that flower stake. How are original! I'm glad you finally have warm enough weather for flowers. Jerry looks adorable out getting a suntan, lol.

  2. Your flowers are so pretty my dear. Looks like y'all are having some really nice weather. Enjoy sweet Holly.

  3. It's just gorgeous weather! We spent the day in South Haven enjoying Lake MI and the antique mall. A perfect way to spend my birthday. Jerry looks very very happy.

  4. Hi Holly! I adore red geraniums, so sweet and cheerful, make me smile. Love all your flowers - we need to get some, everything is brown and sad here with our drought.
    Jerry is the cutest! (What kind of Corgi is he?)
    Happy Memorial Day weekend! xo

  5. Your flowers look beautiful! Have a great day. xxoo Dianne

  6. Such sweet flowers!! And Jerry is just precious!! Cool wheel flower and I like the mushrooms too. We had a parade yesterday I was even in it!! I had a blast!! LOL I was waving like a queen does with old white gloves on in the back of an old truck!!! LOL Fun Fun!! XOXO Love Fran.


I love reading each of your comments thank you so much for stopping by for a visit!!! :)

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