Sunday, May 4, 2014

Pink Pyrex

Hi sweet friends! Happy Sunday morning to you all!! 

Pink Pyrex is not only good for being cute on a shelf, or baking a yummy dish in it; 
its perfect for displaying some of my warmer tarts!! 

 Just look how much prettier they look!?! (: 
This scent is called Orange and Goji Berry, smells like a sweet juicy orange, with a little tartness from the Goji Berries

I know I already gave you a peak of some new goodies 
I had found, here's a few closer and clearer pictures!
I just loved these pitchers, and I had to buy three!
 This fun looking rack, had a little Ikea tag on it, it was only $2. I thought I might nail it on a piece of old/weathered looking wood and hand it somewhere. Not sure what I will put in the slots. You all are so creative, any ideas for me!? :) 
 and then there were some more Jello molds....except these have a plan in mind for them!

Thanks for all your sweet comments!! I hope you all have such a wonderful and beautiful Sunday!!
xo Holly 


  1. Great minds think alike - I've kept tarts in a divided, right now that very dish is on my SMASHing table with lots of goodies in it - it's very versatile!!!

  2. Ooooh...this post makes me want to go thrift shopping so bad. You found lots of great things.

  3. Love all your vintage goodies, especially the pink Pyrex.

  4. You did find lots of great things. Everyone is on the Pink Pyrex bandwagon lately. Maybe I need to start collecting too!

  5. Ok I am thinking maybe some cute kitchen towels that are special folded up on it. In studio lace or ribbon pieces hanging up. Or you know thise cute chrocheted dish clothes also by the sink. Alright that's it but it might get your mojo started!! And I still LOVE those silverware gigs!! Will get wih you real soon! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  6. I just passed up some jello molds this weekend and I have been regretting it ever since...I can't wait to see what you do with them. I love those pitchers/coffee carafes too!



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