Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Field Flowers

Good Morning sweet friends!
Wanted to wish you a beautiful day!

I picked these wild flowers yesterday on the edge of our field.

 I thought they were so pretty! 
So a few stems ended up in my kitchen window.

 They just look like summer, don't they!?

We've been watching these three bucks lately,
 they seem to be enjoying the field too!
I've now seen a few times where they will wonder around a bit and
 then lay down next to the horse pasture fence, must be pretty
 comfortable and relaxed out there :) 
Love seeing them, it's always so exciting when "something" is in the field! 

Wishing you a lovely day and rest of the week!! 
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xo Holly

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Loving the sunshine!

Had to share a few pictures I took of Grant outside,
 he was pretty interested in that flower! lol

 Such a sweet heart!

Grant and Jerry 

I've been making some custom order things lately
 some candles and jewelry! 

my new coffee cup, I found at Tj Maxx :) 

Hope you all have some sun shine today! 
We are suppose to be getting some "spring" weather (finally)  this week!!! 
Warming up and sunny!!.....Hurray....we can't wait! 

Have a lovely day!! 

xo Holly 

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Easter!

Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Easter!!!

We're getting 9 month pictures of little sweet pea this Friday, hoping to do a cute Easter one or two! :)

Have a lovely day/week friends! 


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Peep Peep... Baby Chicks

Meet our little ladies! 
 we are working on names for them lol
 Aren't they so cute!?! 

Have a wonderful day!! 

use the code spring20 for 20% off! :) 

xxo Holly 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A little shop update!

Teacup candles, vintage jello mold candles, nest rings ....Oh my! 
Hello sweet friends! 
Happy almost spring!! Hope you are enjoying some lovely spring weather this week! Our temps are in the upper 50s-upper 60s, but suppose to get a LOT of rain over the next couple days. So we are enjoying some sunshine today!!  

I've added some new and cute things to my Etsy shop, that I've just re opened! Come on over and take a peak!! :) 

-BLACK OUT // POWER OUTAGE CANDLE- ** New candles to Damita's Pretty Wrap!!
These are perfect for power outages, with the all natural soy wax they are non toxic, produce very little soot, and are better for you, your family, and pets!! They burn cleaner (100% soy wax)) & last a long time♥♥♥ They are non scented so you can have many candles burning during your power outage and not have to smell several different smells at one time. 

~~I thought of this wonderful idea during one of our power outages recently. We've had a couple already this winter and I'm sure this spring we will too! These are always great to have on hand and ready to go! 

This past weekend we went and picked out 8 baby chicks, we're excited to have some hens and eggs of our own soon! My grandma has had hers for years and fresh farm eggs are the best!  Those chicks are soooo cute!! 

Happy Tuesday all!! 
xo Holly 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

A very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year sweet friends!!! 
Hope you all a wonderful Christmas, wanted to share just a few with you! We feel extra blessed this holiday season with our sweet pea! So much to be thankful for! 

 Ho Ho Ho :) 

Christmas morning table setting

I did some fun little place settings too.... (hoping to do a little post about them another time) 

Jerry's festive too! ;) 

Happy New Year!! 
Wishing you all joy and a new year filled with happiness!! 
xo Holly 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Autumn Hugs

Hi sweet friends! 
What have you all been up to!? 
Hope you are having a great Fall, and some good weather too!
Currently, I'm working on a wholesale candle order......for a cute primitive shop out here in the country. With a little help from mom, watching Grant I'm able to make them :) 

 I've been making some 'Nests' for rings and necklaces :) 
They are so cute and fun!
I have to give up sleep to make pretty things, its worth it though!! 

 Stamping a few vintage silverware pieces here and there.  

 And still working on packing!!
 Love coming across these pretties, and it will be exciting to unpack them at the new house :) 

Took a nice ride on my horse,
 it was so great and just what I needed. 

A cute little outfit ....tehe 

 These two.....just love them!! 
Jerry says "this is my baby brother" :) 

 A few family photos from the pumpkin patch :) 

 Our Jerry

And Halloweenie hugs!!

We have been just sooo busy! Trying to get everything done on the new house so we can move in (hopefully very very soon!) I can not wait! I feel like I've been living around boxes and things for too long, can't wait to get organized and everything have a place! Not to mention I'm overly super excited for decorating!! EEEE Christmas is coming soon!! :) 

Wishing you all a wonderful and beautiful day!
xo Holly 

ps. I miss you all and reading your blogs ....maybe one day I'll have some "free" time....lol! 

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