Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th! ~Buffet decorations~

Happy 4th of July!!! 

I did a little decorating right before baby Grant was born (see last post)
and made the flag that's hanging on the wall with fabrics, vintage laces, and trims....I think it came out cute! :) 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! 
xo Holly 

ps. Thank you ALL so much for your overly sweet comments on our precious little boy, he just melts our hearts. xox

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our new bundle of Joy {Baby Grant}

Hi sweet friends!! 
Our new sweet baby boy has arrived! 
~Grant Nathaniel~
He was born Tuesday June 23 at 5:52pm 
Weighing 8lbs 8oz. and 20 3/4 inches long. 

We couldn't be any happier, we love him sooo much already! He's just so precious!
 I'm so thankful for Luke, he has already been such a wonderful and amazing dad! 
Luke took off work all last week and this week, its been so nice having him home and able to help me out. :) :) 

{{Had to post some pictures for all his sweet aunties on here ;) }} 

Love this picture I got of Luke holding his little hand.

A few pictures from the cell phone:: 

Already a week old yesterday! 

I want to thank you all in advance for all your sweet comments!!! 
& wishing you a wonderful 4th of July weekend coming up!! :) 

Blessings sweet friends
xo Holly 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A weekend catch up {Anniversary}

Hi sweet friends! 
Hope you're having a lovely Sunday! 
It was suppose to rain all day and turned out to be a really nice day, sun and all! :) 
Just been taking it easy, no baby yet....just waiting for his sweet arrival! 

Last weekend was our anniversary 4 years married on the 4th and 11 years together on the 6th. We had a great weekend together! The traditional gift for 4 years married is "flowers and fruit" and modern day is appliances, which we got for our new house! :) 
 I decided to make these strawberry brownie kabobs, which were really a tasty treat!!
They were pretty easy you just get fresh strawberries, marshmallows, melting chocolate to drizzle and a brownie mix. 
 Although I thought they would be so cute as mini muffin shapes, but trying to guess the time of how long to cook them and then getting them out was another story! So after the first batch of minis I decided to just go with a glass square dish for the rest of the mix. That seemed to work fine....just wait until they cool and cut them into squares :) 

I also made a yummy fruit salad, I just found a simple recipe online.

 Luke got me pretty flowers .....

So I wasn't going to get Luke a flower bouquet....so I thought I'd make one of my own with a twist!
It was a 'fishing' bouquet! Lol 
 I attached some fun new lures and things

 and got him a cute fishing hat too!!

Gummy worms and Swedish fish in jars with labels that said 
"hooked on you since June 4th 2004"

And then I also made this deck of cards too! ~which was in my last post! 

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day, thank you all so much for being sooooo SWEET!! Your comments just melt my heart! 

Wishing you the best!
xo Holly 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

52 Things I love about you... card deck DIY

Happy weekend!! 
Hope you all are doing well! I've been trying to catch up on visiting some of your blogs today. Sorry I've been so quite over here! We've been so busy getting the final touches ready for our baby and busy getting some house plans done. We started clearing out trees and lots of branches for our drive way. We are just so excited for both! 

I wanted to share this little deck of cards I made for Luke, as one of our anniversary gifts! {Our anniversary was the 4th ~married 4 years, and today marks 11 years together!} 
Ok, here it is!

 I found online this printable of blank red and black rectangles, 
printed it out and wrote out 52 reasons on each one.
I just used a scrapbook taper~instead of glueing each one.
Punched two holes on each card and tied it up with some ribbon. 
I think it came out cute! 
He thought it was sweet too! :) :) 

Hope you have a lovely weekend!! 
We are suppose to be getting our driveway 'cut in' tomorrow, hoping we can get it done before the rain comes!! ~Fingers crossed!! :) 

{{{Baby news}}}
This coming Tuesday (the 9th) I will be 39 weeks.... one more week to go.... or he could come anytime/ any day now! :)  And I'm ready when he is!

Thanks so much for visiting!! 
xo Holly 

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

Hi there, happy new week!
Popping in real quick to 
share this adorable book that Pam from Virginia Retro sent me!
It almost looks like and reminds me of Peter Rabbit.
I should have gotten a couple pictures of the inside graphics, they are too adorable and sweet!! 

Thank you so much again Pam, for sending us this sweet book!! It was so nice and thoughtful of you!  We're excited to read it to our little boy very soon!! :) 

Wishing you a lovely day!!
xo Holly 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Some Big News!

Happy new week!! 
(I heard it was national Star Wars Day....so "May the 4th be with you")
We had such a wonderful weekend here, sunny and warm!
 My mom got me this sweet angel lady, she's a yard stake.
 I just love her bright blue color and those pretty flowers painted on! 
 I got this "Bloom" sign,
that is now hanging on our porch for now. I just loved it! 

 Cute bird house with some silverware chimes....

 Jerry enjoying the weather! 

 Sent out this lovely "Spread Joy" stamped knife last week :) 

{ YAY.... 32 weeks in this picture!} 
*Tomorrow I'll be 34!! (Only 6 more weeks to go...not that I'm counting! lol)

Also sent out a candle and warmer tart order from my Etsy shop.

 I'm still doing a 20% OFF 'Spring Cleaning' Sale in the shop.
use the code:: spring20 
and enjoy yourself some good smells!!! Lol.

SOOOO onto the BIG news!! 
We are building a house!! 
We're so so very excited to be able to have this opportunity of building our own new home. We will be building out back at my parents' house. They gave us a few acres and its going to be perfect! The horses are already there, with the barn and pastures, it will be so nice! We are beyond excited!! We were hoping to be moving in really close to when the baby is due in the middle of June, but we'll probably have him here (in our house now) first. 

~ I feel like its killing me not setting up the nursery!! lol. But I will have plenty of time to do that once the house is there. I've gotten most of the nursery things already, so just waiting to set it all up. This past week we've been trying to organize and start packing up some things. And get some baby things ready for here too. 
~I've been trying to be good and not go thrifting and hunting for new treasures, as I have a lot to pack up and get ready! But I'm getting so excited....its almost garage sale season!! lol. 

Happy Monday!! 
Wishing you a lovely week!! 
xo Holly 

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