Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A little shop update!

Teacup candles, vintage jello mold candles, nest rings ....Oh my! 
Hello sweet friends! 
Happy almost spring!! Hope you are enjoying some lovely spring weather this week! Our temps are in the upper 50s-upper 60s, but suppose to get a LOT of rain over the next couple days. So we are enjoying some sunshine today!!  

I've added some new and cute things to my Etsy shop, that I've just re opened! Come on over and take a peak!! :) 

-BLACK OUT // POWER OUTAGE CANDLE- ** New candles to Damita's Pretty Wrap!!
These are perfect for power outages, with the all natural soy wax they are non toxic, produce very little soot, and are better for you, your family, and pets!! They burn cleaner (100% soy wax)) & last a long time♥♥♥ They are non scented so you can have many candles burning during your power outage and not have to smell several different smells at one time. 

~~I thought of this wonderful idea during one of our power outages recently. We've had a couple already this winter and I'm sure this spring we will too! These are always great to have on hand and ready to go! 

This past weekend we went and picked out 8 baby chicks, we're excited to have some hens and eggs of our own soon! My grandma has had hers for years and fresh farm eggs are the best!  Those chicks are soooo cute!! 

Happy Tuesday all!! 
xo Holly 


  1. Very pretty! Going to your Etsy shop now!

  2. Very pretty! Going to your Etsy shop now!

  3. I would like to have chickens...however my dogs might "play" with them :( Fun to see your little one on your banner/header! Yum, the lemon candles sound so good to burn.

  4. I have been beeeeggggggging for a chicken house! Seriously! 3 years on our mountain home and no chicken house. Please blow some chicken love this way! Can we see pictures of your chicks and your sweet baby boy! Happy week Dear Holly!

  5. Thank yo for popping by my blog and yay, that means I have found yours again. Wow, your little man is growing so quickly. It seems like just yesterday my own little man was that tiny and then suddenly this year he is thirteen! Cherish every moment ... it really does go by so quickly.
    I love your candles and the rings are great ... good luck with them.
    M xx


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