Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October thirty first~Happy Halloween

First I would like to say my thoughts and prayers to the East coast! We lost power all day yesterday, really makes you appreciate it when it comes back on. And thankful for only losing power compared to what they are going through on the East coast. 

I can't believe today is the last day in October! 
Here's a few pictures outside last week when it was still nice out, our last few days have been full of rain and wind, from Hurricane Sandy.

Our little Jerry boy :) 

Happy Halloween!!

Here's a few pics from mom and dad's Halloween party :) 

my sis and I 

 Luke and I (we went as Vampires this year)
 Nice warm fire :) 
 Group pic :)
 This photo booth was so much fun!! 
 us again out by the fire
  :) lol 

Have a spooooootacular day! :) 
Have a safe and fun Halloween! 

I hope to show you some new projects I've been working on soon! 
Take care!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

What I wore Wednesday

What I wore Wednesday
This is my very first one, participating.
I was so excited to wear my new boots...I thought that at least called for a picture!
feather earrings: Forever 21
scarf & belt: Forever 21
sweater: Forever 21
tank: TJ Max
boots:: TJ Max
jeans: Levi 

These are my new boots (that I have on in the picture) and I LOVE them!! 
So comfy & cute! :) 

Have a wonderful Thursday! 
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweet as pie...

Over the weekend I was finally able to make a few candles that I've been dieing to do!
The lovely scent to them is Apple Pie...YUM! 
They smell good, they are an all natural soy wax candle.
I didn't get time to decorate them, I'm thinking I'll probably tie a cute ribbon or twine on them :) 

I love the smell and look of burning candles. 
And there's just something about making your house smell like the seasons! 
That warm and cozy feeling.

 You might have already gotten a sneak peak of my new beads a 
couple posts ago, so here they are! I've already dug into making a few pairs of earrings and two bracelets with them. I'll have to show those soon! :) 

MMMMM..... it's crock pot time:::
We had some chicken left over from another dinner, so I decided to put some chicken and cut carrots in the crock pot. I wanted something to give it a good flavor so I went upstairs (to some Tastefully Simple inventory I had) and grabbed a Creamy Wild Rice Soup mix.

Here I added in the soup mix....that only calls for 2 1/2 cups of water and stirred it around!
We sometimes like left overs and Luke likes to take them to work sometimes so I decided to add two soup mixes and not quite double the water amount to boost the flavors. It turned out really good, and once again a lot of variations you could add in! 

 I took some more pumpkins to my shop uptown ... love making these! They are so cute!
I do have a couple left in my etsy shop, and I do have a discount code of 20% out :) :)
I've been giving them to my friends and family as little gifts just because :)

 Santa is popping in my etsy shop too!

Hope you have a great rest of the day!! Hubby and I are going to rake (MANY) leaves! :)

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Sale 20% OFF

Let's celebrate Fall! 
20% off of everything in my etsy shop :)

Would pretty please love if you'd also "like" my page on facebook too. I love to share photos, treasures, crafts, recipes, and discounts there :) :)

Hope you have a lovely day!!

Thank you so much!!!!! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Have a lovely Sunday

Good mid-morning! Hope you have a fabulous Sunday :) 
I'm just finishing getting ready and were out the door to a flea market! 
I'm excited to what that may bring! ~Or what may come home with me :) 

We roasted some new coffee the night before last, some Ethiopia, 
I'm excited to try it after its had time to rest a day or so! It was pretty good yesterday, and I have a feeling it will be better today.

Have a lovely day~ 
xox Holly

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mom's Halloween decorations part 2

If you missed the first post of decorations you can find them HERE
Along with a How to and a giveaway! :)

Vintage old desk with lots of goodies on it!!

That's not me in the back right.... :)

 I like this guy! He talks and his jaw just clinks together! lol
He has a tray....so the night of the party mom is putting the toilet paper on his tray, but look out because if you just so happen to move him he'll start talking to you! hehe :) 

 Buffet in the dining room:
 Mantel in the living room:

My mom years ago painted a few of those kids in the middle
the ghost, the pumpkin boy, and the little one in front of them :) 

 In the mudroom before entering into the house....

the owl's eyes glow and he hoots at you~motion activated! 

I think it will all be pretty neat tomorrow at the party! 
{I'm bringing a hot chessy, salsa dip in the crock pot}
along with some mummy wrapped candy bars :) 

~Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!!

*I'm excited for this Halloween party, gathering with some good friends and family, yummy food, and cute decorations, but I'm really ready for Christmas and getting all my sweet vintage ornaments out ....can we do that yet!?!?!  I'm ready for the holiday spirit and good cheer to be here. AND i'm so ready for all those lovely Christmas songs ...ahhh. :) Is anyone else with me? 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mom's Halloween Decorations ::A How To:: & a giveaway

Hi there fabulous friends! Here's a sneak peak and a behind the scenes of my mom and dad's house. This post is mainly just of the kitchen and a {{How to}} at the end. I'll be posting more pics of her lovely decorations in another post. :) So stay tuned! 
They are having a Halloween Party this weekend, we're all so excited!! Well dad isn't as excited as us haha. My mom's decorations are so good! The pictures don't do enough justice of walking threw their home.

at night everything has such a spooking but yet inviting feel to it!

Her chalk board door to her cabinet.

Spooky lanterns with timer candles (those are so wonderful!)

A How to::
~Make a Casket for Halloween~
 First my dad cut some plywood and glued it together 
Then mom spray painted it black
We went to Hobby Lobby and picked some material out along with some trimming for the sides.
(She already had the little vampire guy so we just picked something that would go nicely with him.)

and WaaaaLaaaa a cute little decoration for Halloween! :) 

Also I wanted to tell you,
 over at Donna's Lavender Nest she is having a sweet little giveaway! :) 
So go visit her too! :) 
Have a great day and don't forget to check back
to see more Halloween ideas and pics!
Hugs, Holly

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