Friday, October 19, 2012

Mom's Halloween decorations part 2

If you missed the first post of decorations you can find them HERE
Along with a How to and a giveaway! :)

Vintage old desk with lots of goodies on it!!

That's not me in the back right.... :)

 I like this guy! He talks and his jaw just clinks together! lol
He has a tray....so the night of the party mom is putting the toilet paper on his tray, but look out because if you just so happen to move him he'll start talking to you! hehe :) 

 Buffet in the dining room:
 Mantel in the living room:

My mom years ago painted a few of those kids in the middle
the ghost, the pumpkin boy, and the little one in front of them :) 

 In the mudroom before entering into the house....

the owl's eyes glow and he hoots at you~motion activated! 

I think it will all be pretty neat tomorrow at the party! 
{I'm bringing a hot chessy, salsa dip in the crock pot}
along with some mummy wrapped candy bars :) 

~Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!!

*I'm excited for this Halloween party, gathering with some good friends and family, yummy food, and cute decorations, but I'm really ready for Christmas and getting all my sweet vintage ornaments out ....can we do that yet!?!?!  I'm ready for the holiday spirit and good cheer to be here. AND i'm so ready for all those lovely Christmas songs ...ahhh. :) Is anyone else with me? 


  1. I am crashing that party!!! What great decorations your mom has! Spooky!



  2. Love all these decorations!! So lovely! Have a great party!! xo Heather

    1. Thanks Heather! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. What fun decorations, have a great time at the party!
    Hugs, Penny

  4. Eek, scary stuff - but oh-so-cute too! That huge spider crawling up the wall would frighten the life out of me ;-)
    Hope you had a fabulous party,

    1. Thanks, lol yea there were a few of those spiders around! EEEE! :) xx


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