Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mom's Halloween Decorations ::A How To:: & a giveaway

Hi there fabulous friends! Here's a sneak peak and a behind the scenes of my mom and dad's house. This post is mainly just of the kitchen and a {{How to}} at the end. I'll be posting more pics of her lovely decorations in another post. :) So stay tuned! 
They are having a Halloween Party this weekend, we're all so excited!! Well dad isn't as excited as us haha. My mom's decorations are so good! The pictures don't do enough justice of walking threw their home.

at night everything has such a spooking but yet inviting feel to it!

Her chalk board door to her cabinet.

Spooky lanterns with timer candles (those are so wonderful!)

A How to::
~Make a Casket for Halloween~
 First my dad cut some plywood and glued it together 
Then mom spray painted it black
We went to Hobby Lobby and picked some material out along with some trimming for the sides.
(She already had the little vampire guy so we just picked something that would go nicely with him.)

and WaaaaLaaaa a cute little decoration for Halloween! :) 

Also I wanted to tell you,
 over at Donna's Lavender Nest she is having a sweet little giveaway! :) 
So go visit her too! :) 
Have a great day and don't forget to check back
to see more Halloween ideas and pics!
Hugs, Holly

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  1. Great Halloween decorations!! Have a wonderful time at the party!! xo Heather

    1. Thanks Heather! We're hoping the weather outside is pretty good, we are wanting to have a nice fire too. :) xo

  2. awesome job on the decorations .... have a great party!!

  3. Love all of the decorations. Hope you have a great time. Thank you so much for posting about my give away. You are such a sweet heart.

  4. Hope you have a great time at the party. Those decorations are awesome and spooky.


  5. Going to be an AWESOME PARTY!!!!! LOVE IT ALL!!!! hugs...thanks for sharing : ) and tons of Furry Hugs to my friend JERRY!!!

    1. Thanks Andrea! We had so much fun at the party! :) xox HUGS!

  6. Those cobwebs definitely provide an aged, old feeling to the pieces of furniture where it's attached!


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