Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fun Finds

Hi there! 
I wanted to share a few fun and (some) colorful finds with you!
I found these letters in a baggie, and I thought I could use them for something ~even if I spray painted them one color too. 
 I found a jar full of these knobs, I'm sure I could use sometime in the future on some sort of project! haha! 
They didn't come in the most prettiest jar, but I couldn't pass them up for $2.00

Then I spotted a few other containers full of some "junk" 
this one was old wheels

 and this one has hinges, hooks, and all sorts of things! 
My sister was like what are you going to do with those.... I told her I'd find something. With these containers only at $1.00 each, I couldn't pass these up either!! You would pay a few dollars in the store for just one hinge! Lol. 
 I found another old and in nice shape leather belt for making some leather cuffs.
I have to figure out 'how to make them' still. But I know I want to. (: 

(another angle of the old wheels jar)

Then there were these cuties! 
They will be happily crafted with.
 And a big paper/card board Santa face, he was too sweet not to come home with me.
And not to mention only 10 cents! :) Not sure what I will make of him or do with him, but he's cute!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and the sun is shining!! 
xo Holly 


  1. Sweet finds, and I love that cute Santa! The knobs are great! Have a lovely day!! xo Heather

  2. I would have bought it all! Wow, you sure did find some great bargains.

  3. I love all the bits and pieces of stuff. I can see some fun crafting in the future. The prices were too good to pass!

    Have a great week. xxoo Dianne

  4. Sweet finds, know you can make something cute with the knobs and the little goodies. & all that metal stuff is in for the industrial art look. You'll have to show us whar you make.

    Love the sweet strawberry tablecloth underneath your goodies. :)

  5. Love those knobs. And you especially can't beat those prices!! Doesn't Santa look especially cheery! Good for you! Have fun creating!

  6. Lots of great finds! I can't wait to see what you make with the knobs and wheels.



  7. Lots of lovely things! Can`t wait to see your projects using these! I`m already loving the idea of painting the bright colors alphabet! :0)
    Greetings from England

  8. There is nothing like a great estate sale. I remember having letters like that when I was little with magnets on the back of them. Hope you are having a great day.

  9. Great finds..I would have bought everything you did! I love that most of the shoppers are like your sister...Yep, they pass up the good stuff!!! And leave it for us lol!


  10. we have letters like that on the fridge. If it werent for the babies playing with them, I love the idea of painting them! maybe when the babies get too old for them!
    have a great weekend

  11. Hi Holly! Can't wait to see what you make with all your goodies. You are so creative, love that you see possibilities and crafty fun in your finds! Enjoy!

  12. Great supplies for the stash. The jars of odds and ends are wonderful to have around.


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