Monday, June 16, 2014

Red and White

Hi sweet friends! 
Hope you had a lovely weekend!!
 I've finished my little toadstool mushrooms that I made (mention here in this post)
 I think they came out cute! Since the sticks that I screwed into them are a bit big to just stick into the ground I need to put something like a stake on the end, so then they'll go right into the ground. 
 I told Jerry to come over a take a peak at them! lol
I found this sweet little vintage pillowcase! Thought it was so cute! 
 I also got a few other vintage linens, washed them up and since the day I did this it was rainy outside, so they got to hang around inside over the kitchen curtain rods :) 
That's ok, because they were pretty and smelled good! :) 

I was so tickled when I found this little vintage parrot brooch pin in the bottom of some jewelry I bought. I had no idea it was in there, so it was a little surprise and treat when I was digging going through the jewelry! 
It says Made in Japan along the bottom.

My new parrot squawks..... "Hope you have a great new week!!!"
xo Holly 

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  1. Jerry must think they're something to eat...so darn cute. Love the sweet pillowcase.

  2. OH! I just love those toadstools....I would love to do this, now if I can just find those copper jello molds...:)

  3. Love your mushrooms. They will be so cute in flower beds. Jerry is such a cutie. Hope you are having a great day.

  4. Your toadstools turned out so cute. As you know, I love our toadstools so much. The possibilities are endless. Your linens are wonderful. Nothing better than rescuing linens and cleaning them up!

  5. Love your toadstools and I see Jerry is giving them his stamp of approval. The pillow cover is adorable, and if you plan to sell it do a little research first. It looks like a Vogart to me, and they can sell high.

    Have a great week!

  6. Those toadstools are so sweet! After seeing both yours and Shara's, I am more determined than ever to make my own.

    Have a wonderful day, Holly!


  7. Your toadstools turned out so cute! I love the linens you found and the parrot brooch is cute.

    Hugs, Dianne

  8. Cute mushrooms! Love all of your linen finds. I am your newest follower.



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