Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fabulous dish finds

 It's always so much fun finding new goodies!
Hope you enjoy a look see!!! There are quite a few pictures! :) 
I thought this little tea cup was so darling! The saucer doesn't go with it, I found that later while looking around, but it almost looks like it could!  

I found some lids, I have a couple ideas for them (besides just sitting there all cute like)
One of my ideas was wanting to make a wind chime out of them. A few already have small holes I could use, or I could just tie around the little loops, and the rest I'll just drill a small hole.
I just love this yellow one! 
I wish I could have found more to match it, where ever it came from :) 
I almost don't want to do anything with it yet. Any ideas??? 

I thought this dish would be cute with some little flowers planted in it.
Such as the ones on the dish would be cute!!!

And lastly of the dishes, a tea pot! :) :) 

Jerry is all tuckered out from taking all these pictures and talking about vintage dishes.....
Sending Jerry kisses to all :) 


  1. What sweet dishes!! Love the enameled bowl, and the sweet one below!! You found some prettiness!! xo Heather

  2. Thanks Heather :) :) Hope you have a wonderful evening! xo


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