Friday, July 27, 2012

Bird Feeders made out of vintage china

My Vintage Bird Feeder:
A few posts ago when I showed you some vintage china {HERE}  that I had found, I had some bird feeders in mind .....

I made one for my friend, for her birthday. 
I think they are so much fun! When I get a little spare time away from sewing, jewelry making and life, I want to make some more. :) I love how they look out in the yard, hanging for the birds, so pretty!!
Here's another set of dishes I picked up at a little shop uptown....called "Up Town Shops" :)
I first saw them and got soo overly excited, seen the price tag and thought "Oh I have to have these!!" :) Then I seen in the booth, a sign that said everything besides jewelry was an extra 20% off!! I couldn't believe it! I was soo ecstatic with happiness!! Now my first thought was, these would make some beautiful bird feeders and so many other things.....after I got them home....well a little bit different story! LOL. I can't put holes in them, they're too pretty! SO I decided to wash all of them up and use them as our dishes for now. I just put the others in storage for a bit. :) And these are the ones I used to set the table with too, in this post.

 Last week I received a very pretty package from Donna's Lavender Nest

She has so many beautiful prints in her shop! :) 
Thank you so much Donna!! I just love them! 
I'm thinking I'm probably going to have to go back! haha.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!! 
So glad its the weekend! 
Hubby and I have a date Saturday~ we're thinking about going to the beach, want to go to a craft show{it's called Hometown Days} and out to dinner, maybe we'll rent a movie too. With summer, seems like its been a while since we watched one! :) 
~Smiles and HUGS~ 


  1. Holly you are so sweet. I love your bird feeders. My husband made some for me a while ago, but I really like how yours turned out.

    1. Oh how fun, you should post a couple pics of yours! :) Thanks so much Donna :) Have a happy weekend! xo

  2. What sweet bird feeders Holly!! such a creative idea!! Donna is the sweetest! Have a beautiful weekend! xo Heather

    1. Thank you :) Hope you have a very happy weekend too! xo HUGS!

  3. Those bird feeders are darling Holly. I love that vintage china you found too. It's gorgeous.


    1. Thank you :) Hope you have a beautiful weekend!! xo

  4. Great vintage dishes!! I don't think I could upcycle them either!! LOL It's fun to change things up alittle!! My husband and I had a date this weekend too!! BUT we live in MIchigan and we were so cold!! All bundled up and we went to the River Front Mall so we were boppin n out of the little shoppes just to warm up!! BUT we had alot of fun!! We in live in Michigan!! We are use to cold!! or maybe not!! LOL It was like 20 something. Today the sun is shining and is suppose to for a couple of days!! YAY! Have a great day Holly!! XOXO Love Fran.


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