Thursday, April 9, 2015

What was in the Blue Polka Dot Bags!?

Happy Thursday! 
Hope you all had a lovely Easter!! 
We had a wonderful day with our family, my dad smoked a couple hams (they were so delicious!!) and mom made lots of yummy foods and made us 'kids' Easter baskets! 

So here's what was in those blue polka dot bags:
I made shower gifts for my mom and my sister, Heather. 
 "The Best Moms get promoted to Grandma" 
I added a sweet nest on the side as a charm for her
'two daughters, son (in- law), and little grandson coming!' 

 I just love how it turned out for her!! 

And here's what I made for my sister: 
A sweet "Auntie" bracelet with a purple charm on the side,
 (because her favorite color is purple.) 
 I was excited how perfectly the "Auntie" fit right in the center of the oval!

Both bracelets were made out of a vintage spoon, that I hand stamped :) 

I also made my sister a necklace and it says:: The only thing better than having you as a Sister is our little boy having you as an Aunt
 I think it came out cute too, she really liked both of them :) 

And that was what was in the bags!! 
Wishing you a wonderful day!! 
xo Holly 

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  1. I love handmade gifts! These are so perfect for your Mom and sister.

  2. Oh my! What beautiful gifts! How thoughtful of you and what a great way to honor them both. I know they will love wearing these. You are so talented! Enjoy this special time! Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. PS I love your new banner...how nice!

  4. Such a special gift - and so full of LOVE! You are so creative!!! This is a fave post for sure. You are a special gal, Sweet Holly. You are all so blessed to have each other.

  5. Those are just so sweet! I have no doubt they were both thrilled.

  6. what great gifts Holly, so thoughtful and so sweet. Im sure they loved them.. and Im sure they can not wait for your sweet little baby boy to arrive! neither can we out here in blogland! (I know I can speak for all of us...) we are all excited for you!
    will you send me your address please? vivianneroni@yahoo.com and when are you due?? have a great weekend!

  7. They're all so cute and very creative! I'm sure they'll cherish them for years.

  8. How terrific are those gifts! You did a wonderful job, very creative and sweet. :)

  9. Holly you do beautiful work ! Such sweet, thoughtful gifts. I can't wait to see the baby! Michele is due on May 21st..(((HUGS)))

  10. What beautiful handmade gifts. I'm sure they are just in love with your gifts and can't wait to become an Aunt and Grandma!

  11. Hi Holly, what sweet gifts you made, you are so creative. I'm sure they will treasure them for always. Love how you wrapped them, the little cat image is adorable.
    Sending blessings,

  12. Oh, my! I love each of your sweet creations! I know your mom and sister loved them - they are beautiful and personal. I know all of you are getting excited!

  13. Wonderful keepsakes for your Mom & sister!!! How about another "baby" photo!


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