Friday, April 15, 2011

Shrinky dinks

Shrinky Dinks!!! Who remembers them!?! I remember doing them when I was younger with my parents. They are so much fun! One of my friends I work with showed me a bracelet in the Country Living magazine, using Shrinky dinks! She was going to make one for another friends' birthday. It's soo cute, here's the website.... go check it out! There's the instructions and tutorial for you. ....So I got excited, went to Hobby Lobby got some shrinky dink paper and went to my parents house (right down the road) and was all excited to print off those sheets for the bracelet! Well they have a laser printer **DO NOT put shrinky dink paper into those kind...they melt and turn to a hard plastic!! lol. Needless to say mom and I were pulling out shrinky dinks for a while. Make sure to use a inkjet printer! lol.
Here's the bracelet::

 So I ended up playing around and made a few anyway....
Happy Shrinky Dinking!!!
~Have a fabulous weekend~


  1. Damita. the lady that creates these has a blog called Just Something I Made. She has some of the yummiest post around. You have probably already been there. If not, give it a google...smiles...Renee

  2. Here's a blast from my past. I remember doing projects with shrinky dinks. What fun!


  3. I remember shrinky dinks too, they were so fun! I love your creations! :) I will have to see if I can find some!


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  6. I am totally going to buy some! : ) Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Thank you for swinging by 2 Against 1 , and linking up to the TGIF blog hop (Friday). Hope to see you again next week!

  8. wow, I've never heard of these or seen them where I live. They look like great fun. Such possibilities! Bloghopped over here, have a great day!


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