Saturday, January 12, 2013

A happy Saturday

Hi friends! A happy Saturday to you all! 
Have you been up to anything fun lately? I learned how to crochet last weekend and i'm working on making a cowl scarf. I'm so excited for the finished project! I love how it's going so far! I purchased a pattern for a "mug sweater" using two granny squares, to keep  that coffee cup warm and my hands cool, ~that is already my next project I'm planning! :) 

Yesterday my grandma dropped us off a loaf of banana nut bread and some beer bread.....they both are so good! {Thank you grandma!}

Through the winter I've had a few little gifts sitting in an old suitcase 
by the door for any guests that would come to visit us :)
 Hot chocolate with marshmallows, 
Old fashion hard candies, 
Cappuccino mix,
 and peppermint "crunch"
And for some reason (which i'm surprised!) I didn't get a picture of the suitcase.

~Orange you going to be my Valentine??
I have this little tag sitting in our kitchen by the fruit bowl // with oranges in the bowl! LOL 
Thought it was cute :)  

I've been thinking and wanting to do a giveaway......
so I think i'm going to do one very soon! It will be my first one!! EEEE! 

Hope you have a lovely Saturday and weekend!! 

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  1. Happy weekend to you!! Oh you clever girl! I would love to learn to crochet...I never sit still long enough though...one day I promise myself.
    Packaging up a little treat for you...will be in the mail by Monday! xoxo hugs

  2. Holly, your cowl is coming out so beautifully!! So happy you are loving to crochet!! Have a wonderful weekend!xo Heather

  3. I think you're like...the ultimate little "homemaker". lol
    I love the little gifts that you had by the door! I want to crochet so bad, but I'm not sure I could with my arthritis. It looks like you got the hang of it right away! The orange valentine is sooo sweet.
    Such cute things Holly!
    Erica :)

    1. Thank you Erica! You should try it!! :) I just finished off my ends, so now I have to connect the two ends together for the cowl part! Happy new week! Hugs, Holly

  4. Holly, You are sweetness itself! It is such a pleasure to see a young women enjoy the art of homemaking. Your gifts for visitors is such a wonderful idea. Have a great week ahead! Elizabeth

  5. I can't wait to see that cowl when its finish. So exciting that you are learning to crochet. You will love it.

  6. Love it :) Have a happy day friend!


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