Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter Wonderland Today!

Happy "snowy" Tuesday!! 
It's like a pretty winter wonderland outside!! We got about 7+ inches so far, I hope it keeps snowing too!! 
Jerry LOVES playing in it! 

And here's a peak of my booth! More pictures to come!! :)  

Happy sweet day to you all! 
I'm cleaning, doing some laundry, roast in the crock pot, listening to some Christmas music, and putting a few decorations up around the house today!! :) 

xo Holly


  1. What beautiful pictures We only got a dusting but within 45 minutes of us, they received a nice dumping of snow. Josie is ready to dig out her sled. I still need to get those leaves raked in our backyard! Enjoy Christmas crafting. Snow makes everything magical.

  2. Holly, how beautiful! Wow, you really did get some snow! Jerry looks so cute playing. Have fun!

  3. oh wow...your snow looks so beautiful & your pup looks like he is enjoying it!

  4. Aw, your Jerry-dog looks so happy in the snow! Have fun xx

  5. What a beautiful pictures. Truely a winter wonderland. Jerry is cute.

  6. Hi Holly, your snow pics are beautiful! Wish it snowed here, we only get snow once every few years in the South!
    I LOVE your new blog look, too, it's so pretty.
    Hope you and Jerry have a wonderful weekend,
    Dorothy and Wilma


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