Friday, March 6, 2015

It's a Boy!

Hi sweet friends! 
Happy Friday and weekend to you! 
Well..... it's a boy!!! 
We're both so excited to meet our sweet little boy.
We took these pictures last Saturday (and I was 24 weeks and 4 days) 

I would like to say a big THANK YOU for all your sweet comments lately!! 
-sorry I haven't replied to all your comments-
You blogger friends are the sweetest! 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! 
Starting tomorrow its suppose to be quite a bit warmer here, and into all next week! Even reaching 40s!! Yay! 

Looking forward to catching up with you all!! 
Have a lovely day!! 
xo Holly 


  1. Congratulations to a sweet couple!

  2. Congrat's! Very exciting and happy for you. Now you can decorate the baby's room.

  3. I'm so happy for you! Boy babies are so sweet. Y'all are a beautiful couple!

  4. Such sweet pictures! I am so happy for you. There is nothing better than a sweet little baby in your arms. A son to love - how exciting - this is a wonderful blessing!

  5. I'm so very happy for you both! Such fun you will have decorating your little boy's nursery!!! Darling pics.

  6. Aw, a sweet boy! Your photos are so cute, you are both glowing! :)

  7. For some reason that's what I thought you were going to say! lol
    It seems like so many people I know (and even some famous people) are all having girls right now. Wow! So Jerry's getting a little brother! Too cute!
    Love the pics. Congrats, Holly!
    Erica :)

  8. Yeah!!! little boys are the sweetest!! (well so are little girls..lol!) Im just so excited for you. now.. for the names? Pics of the nursery? color themes?
    have fun preparing for your your little bundle of joy!

  9. Congratulations! You two are such a sweet couple.

  10. Oh! So excited for you guys! So sweet of you to share your news with us. You've got lots of excited Aunties out here in blog land! :) Love the pictures of you two (and those shoes!) - is that how you revealed it's a boy? So much fun. My niece is having a boy too, I think a couple weeks after you, if I'm remembering correctly.
    Happy happy days to you and your hubby, awaiting your precious baby! xo

  11. OK, so you can't play dress up but...Boys are a lot easier to raise! You guys are adorable!


  12. Sweet pics - how exciting!!!

  13. I am so very happy for you both. What fun you'll have taking photos these next few months. I love the cute little shoes. Take care of yourself sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

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  15. You two are such a beautiful couple and you look amazing. This is such an exciting time!!!


I love reading each of your comments thank you so much for stopping by for a visit!!! :)

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