Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's the little treasures in life

Hi sweet friends! Hope you all are doing wonderfully!
Here are the little treasures I brought home with me from the other day! Isn't that baby book planter way to cute to pass up!?! I thought it will be perfect in a baby's room ....one day, not yet! :) 

Such a cute little clock (that doesn't work) but thought it would be cute just to sit somewhere or what I was thinking while in the store; to take it apart, use it as a little shadow box and use the face of it for my jewelry making! I found some old milk and ice cream lids and a cute tiny license plate, that I'm planing on incorporating into some jewelry bits! :) 

Sweet tea cups for candles and a pearl necklace, as for some jewelry makings :) 

Found these two sweaters that I thought would be so cute as mittens!! Not sure if i'll get to the project soon, or I might just wait till the fall when it starts to get cold again............but then again with our weather!! It might be tomorrow! haha.....

 Yes, that's right we got a good 6-7 inches of snow Tuesday night into Wednesday. And why yes it was 50 degrees Monday! {Only in Indiana!} 
Jerry was zooming around again! 

Here come have a seat with me! 
But I will have to say it was all soooo pretty again! I feel like I can stare into the woods forever! 

Think Spring, think spring, think spring!!!! 
I just emailed Sandy to join her sweet swap!

Happy sweet day to you!!! 
xo Holly 

"The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3 


  1. Cute stuff Holly! Love the sweet cup that says Mother. Love your snow on the rocker...beautiful even though we're ready for spring.

  2. Hi Holly! Such a beautiful photo looking into the woods! Jerry is the cutest, he's a snow lover huh? So darling.

    Happy almost weekend!

  3. Isn't Jerry having fun in the fresh snow. Your woods are absolutely beautiful. I love the idea of using a clock as a tiny shadow box. You really should do that! We only ended up with a few inches with this last storm, but the ice was bad and Chris and Emma were rear-ended on their way to the high school. We skated our last skate this evening in the backyard rink. Winter can officially end now.

  4. How do you ever live in so much snow! People think its cold where I live! Haha, not even! It is supposed to be in the 90s in the desert this weekend, so maybe 70s at our house. Yeah!

  5. What fun finds! I am so done with snow. Here in VA we are having huge weather swings, 60 degrees one day, snowing the next!


  6. Such a cute planter!! Hope your snow melts soon! Happy weekend! xo Heather

  7. sweet stuff! we had that storm here in ny too and got about 19 inches of snow here on lake ontario.. which is pretty much melted now. theres still snow.. but there is more mud than snow I think. and today... its only 19 degrees.. friday it was 55. HURRY SPRING!
    have a great day


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