Monday, March 5, 2012

Cute Fabric Carrots ~Tutorial~

Cute Fabric Carrots ~Tutorial~

Welcome! I hope you give these cute little carrots a try!
They are super easy and pretty fast to sew together! I was thinking they would be so
cute sitting with my material eggs that I did last year (tutorial HERE) for the spring that's almost here!!!

Alrighty let's get started!.....

First just chose some fabrics that you'd like to use for the carrot part and the leaves.
I just roughly sketched out a triangle onto card stock so I had a pattern to trace.
Put the right sides together, trace around your pattern, and cut it out :) **((Also once you have your triangle for the carrot you also can sketch around that to make it a little bit larger or the same size as your pattern, so then you can end up with different size carrots))
ok so we have them cut out here....
then place only one set under the sewing machine (the right sides still together) and just sew down the long sides connecting the point of the carrot.....don't forget to back stitch...

then you flip it right side out....and I used my little stick to help me push the tip of the carrot out.

Then we are ready to start stuffing! I found it better to put just a little pinch in first, pushing it all the way to the bottom, then a couple other little pinches, stuffing it down with the stick.
Ok all stuffed up!!

Take a needle and thread and weave it in and out tucking the top inwards

It should then look about like this::: *Make sure to just sit that aside, you'll use the same needle and thread that is attached later.

Then for the leaves do the same as you did for the carrot pattern ( I put the pattern onto card stock, right sides together for the green fabric, trace, then cut them out...you'll need to cut out 2-3...it will actually be 4-6 pieces. Sew down the longer side and around to the top ....leaving an opening to flip it.

Then just push them into the stuffed carrot and with the same thread and needle go back and forth through them to secure them in (make sure to keep attaching to the walls of the carrot)
Then you can add cute ribbon or yarn around them!! :)

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you make any, would love to see how yours turns out!!! :)
Happy Week to you!

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  1. Oh my goodness!! Those are soooo cute:)

  2. These are precious! Love your fabric choices and great tutorial! Would love for you to link up to our Uncommonly Yours link party! Bonnie ;)


  3. What a cute idea. I am going to try to make these soon!


  4. Cute project and fun blog, glad I stopped by!! :)

  5. What fun!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...


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