Thursday, March 1, 2012

{side-ways day}

Well I guess it's a side-ways day over here at my blog today...
I'm not quite sure why all three of my pictures
uploaded this way lol. Haha oh well.
I did want to share this Lanyard with you. I made it
for a local school's raffle. It's taking place next Friday.


Hope whoever gets it enjoys it! :) Happy Thursday to you!
Oh and its the frist day in March yay! = we are getting closer
and closer to spring!!!


  1. My pics have been doing that too! Super annoying! Thanks for the love on my patchwork post! Did you know you are set as a "no reply" commenter? That just means I can't reply to your comments via email :( You can fix it in your settings! Hope you're having a happy day!

    1. Oh thank you for letting me know...I was just looking in the settings...and can't find where it is ...lol. Do you by chance know? Thank you :)


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