Monday, March 26, 2012

A tid bit chilly

Although we've had some amazing weather for March today was a bit more cooler than we've been getting. We got spoiled off those 70 & 80 degree days ....lol. Today's high was only 50....brrr... it felt so cold too.  Jerry loves being outside running around though :) I had to go to the dentist today, glad that's over for another 6 months! Did some errand running while I was in town and made some really yummy salads for dinner and some french onion soup.

I can't wait to get out in the yard and start planting some flowers and getting it looking nice again (in time) LOL. We cut our grass for the first time this year! How exciting!! -It actually really needed it, the grass got so green and grew so fast over those nice days.  *We are under a frost advisory tonight, hopefully it doesn't ruin the trees and flowers that are starting to bloom.

 ~Have a fun day tomorrow and good night tonight {SmileS}



  1. Oh, Jerry is so sweet! Your french onion soup sounds great! Perfect for a cool night! xo Heather

  2. Jerry is so cute, I just love his ears. :) We have been in the 70's all week; I love it. But, when the sun starts go down, boy does it get chilly! We have been very spoiled here too.

    My hunny is home this week, I think he will mow the yard this week. I am ready to get some flowers out too, but I know it's early here. Some of my hostas are coming up quite a bit so I hope they will be okay!

    Have a great rest of the week!


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