Monday, August 20, 2012

Good weekend and Happy Monday!

You can never go wrong with a crunch cone from Dairy Queen! Yummm!

-Or -
a trip to Crackle Barrel!

Their cute little shop with so many goodies and old 
fashion candies 

 To their cool old posters on the walls :) && of course the food! 

I was lucky enough to find some vintage linens at an estate sale!! 
I'm so excited about these!! :) :)

 My mom, grandma, and I took a day trip to go visit my 
aunt (my mom's sister) and my cousin during the week last week!

Here's Sarah and I 
My aunt Darlene and Sarah :) 
Such a fun trip! ~Never a dull moment! 
 I wish my other cousin, Steph could have been there, but she's in TN. right now.

Did you do anything fun over the weekend?? 
Hope you have a wonderful week! and Happy Monday! 
xo Holly


  1. oooh yummy! Love the cerise pink nail polish too - such a pretty colour. Happy Monday to you too, xx

  2. GOOD GRACIOUS! You struck gold without going to the Gold Rush! If you had to pay the prices I saw for good hole free tablecloths, you'd need a loan for that many! LUCKY GAL!

    1. haha.... I can't wait to dig into the pile and play! Your flea markets coming up sound wonderful too! Not to far away there is a big barn sale coming up in September that I have marked on my calender...I can't wait for it! Have a lovely day sweet friend!

  3. Look at all those pretty linens!! Great finds!! Happy Monday! xo Heather

    1. I can't wait to dig into the pile and play! :) xo Hugs!


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