Thursday, August 9, 2012


I decided to have a special sale in my etsy shop. Of 15% off of everything. One because it's still summer but going to be coming to an end here soon, I was thinking maybe I should do like summer15, then it being August and all I decided on "August15" and plus its my birthday month too. July and August are probably my two favorites out of the summer months, because they're normally really warm and nicest weathered. Except this year was like over 100 everyday and could barely seem to do anything outside. 

I'm looking forward to decorating for fall, going to pick those nice crisp apples and a nice coolness in the air.  To cuddle up with those warm drinks and blankets.  Oh and we can't forget going to all the fun fall festivals too! mmm...fresh apple cider sounds pretty good!! 

It's much cooler today and rainy here, I think i'm going to go work on some projects///new things/// while doing some much needed laundry and sipping on some hot coffee or perhaps maybe i'll have some tea...that sounds good too!

Hope you have a wonderful day doing whatever it is, and don't forget to go to visit my shop and use "August15"

Thanks for visiting today :) {Smile} 
xo Holly


  1. Thanks for linking up to Friday pretties! i will defiantly be visiting your shop Aug. 15th!

  2. Sweet sale!! Hope you are having a great day! xo Heather

  3. I LOVE fall...just got some new fall sweaters the other day...silly I know but they make me so happy. Off to take a peek at your shop! xoxo

    1. Love new sweaters!! Sounds wonderful & cozy! I made some of those blondie bars...they were so good! Thanks for sharing that recipe! :) The hubby liked them too! xo


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