Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Flower photo shoot

 Happy sweet Tuesday!
First all I wanted to thank everyone for their sweet comments and well wishings for this past weekend's craft show! Last week I was so busy preparing, I didn't get to post very much. I'm glad to be able to relax and catch up this week. The Craft show went pretty good, considering the weather we had. It was cooler weather with isolated thunderstorms all weekend, so kind of raining on and off Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but that didn't seem to stop some folks from coming out. It was fun though, I did take a few pictures of my booth, so I will have to post those and show you! :) 

I've been enjoying walking around in the backyard taking some pictures of these pretty flowers! I just can't  seem to get enough of them! And I even got lucky to catch a few bees and a butterfly on the cone flowers!

Jerry was getting jealous, so he wanted in on the photo shoot too.....
 Ok mom, I'll sit down  for you :)
 Sit pretty! 

A sweet dear friend gave us this plant when we first moved into the house, and this is its very first bloom! 
So pretty! 

Today, when I went out my bright reds and pinks were blooming,
 I'll have to show those next time too!
Wishing you all a very sweet week!
xox Holly


  1. Your pictures are so beautiful. I love that you were able to capture the butterfly and bee so clearly!

  2. So, so pretty......just like you! I can grow flowers like those here in Arizona, but they burn up one or two days after they bloom.........so sad. You are truly blessed.


  3. Your pictures turned out great. I just love all your flowers and I spied a screen door so cute. Jerry is is a cutie. It is funny how they get jealous. Mine sees the camera and runs away or turns her head. They are so funny.

  4. Your garden flowers are beautiful. Love the Hydrangea you were "gifted", such a pretty first bloom.

    Jerry is the cutest & sweetest boy! How I would love to give him a big old hug!

    Glad the show went well, even though the weather didn't totally cooperate. :) Pam

  5. Beautiful photos!! Glad you craft show went good! Looking forward to seeing photos!! Mr. Jerry is pretty darn cute!! Wishing you a lovely week! xo Heather

  6. Gorgeous blooms. I love your screen door too. Jerry makes a very handsome model. I'm glad your show went well. I'm anxious to see photos of your booth!


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