Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday! 
Some pretty flowers for you on this lovely day!

Spray painted this door, 
its going to be a display piece for my warmer tarts. 

The garden seems to be doing really good! 
We've been getting some pickings off our cumber and zucchini plants :) 
And all the tomatoes will be coming very soon, we got the first little cherry tomato this morning!

I've been very busy, working on getting ready for the craft show next weekend!! 
Lots of new candles and scents too! :) I'm planning on taking a little of everything.
Candles, warmer tarts, jewelry, softies, some fall pumpkins, a couple of the barn block pillows, a few antique/vintage finds, and a little Christmas too! - Christmas stockings, and some yummy Christmas candles. 

Jerry has been enjoying the ac since its been sooo hot outside. 
Hope you are staying cool and have a lovely day!
xo Holly


  1. Your craft show items really do look yummy :) And the flowers are so pretty! And Jerry is a doll :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blooms and yummy looking veggies. I'm sure your craft show next weekend will be a huge success. Let's hope it cools off.

  3. I'm sure you with do well at your craft show. Be sure to take some pictures of your display booth. Hugs to Jerry.

  4. Looks like a Fun and peaceful Saturday! Good luck on your show next weekend. Xo

  5. Thank you for the pretty flowers, especially since they are from such a pretty lady. As the holidays get closer, I'll probably order some more candles as gifts for my event in November.....I hope.


  6. So pretty and love the red door!! Have a blessed Sunday! xo Heather

  7. What beautiful flowers! A craft show!! What fun! Sure wish that I could come. Sounds like you are going to have a great booth! Somehow I missed the post for the beautiful house. What fun to walk those halls! Have a wonderful night, Holly
    ps I'm with Jerry-inside with the ac on!

  8. Love your cone flowers, beautiful! & your red door is great, it will make a super display. Show us after you set it up, ok? Your candles look wonderful, hope you sell like crazy. Give Jerry a cuddle from me, he looks so cute! Doyle is pretty much staying in and keeping cool too! xo, Pam

  9. Jerry is such a cutie!
    And how nice to havel all those veggies from your own garden...
    Have a great, crafty week!


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