Thursday, January 16, 2014


How do you do?
It's already Thursday, seems like it came fast this week! I've been keeping busy with some orders. I had started this scarf before Christmas in hopes to get it done for my mom, but didn't finish it until the first week of January. But she loves it! I made it with the Chicago Black Hawks colors, her and my dad love going to the hockey games! Have you ever been to one, it will change they way you see hockey, that's for sure! They are sooo fun and exciting!! So here's how it turned out.... 

Crochet Cup Cozy:
(A sweet pink hearted one)
and is now listed in my Etsy Shop (: 

I'm enjoying my little Valentines around the house, are you yet?
 I decorated a bit early, I just couldn't help it! 
Loving all the pinks and pretty reds! 

 And for the past few days there have been about three squirrels out my kitchen window, close to the bird feeders, but not messing with the feeders. I think they are eating the seeds on those helicopters that fall from the trees (i'm not sure what they are really called, that's what we just call them! lol)

But they are so funny to watch and cute too! I couldn't help but take a few pictures out the window! 

I have a few orders to finished up on today, but first I'm out to feed the horses!
Wishing you a wonderful day!!
xo Holly 


  1. Your so talented my friend and by the way YOUR wedding photos are some of the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen. JUST gorgeous. I loved them all on your side bar. YOUR blog is awesome .. LOVE it and stop by the Rusty Pearl sometime would love to have ya. HUGS and blessings for a wonderful weekend

  2. Your mom's scarf turned out beautifully. Squirrels are so much fun to watch but they eat way to much. You really got some awesome pictures.
    Hope you are staying warm.

  3. Such a beautiful scarf. You do such good work. Isn't it fun watching wildlife in the winter? They are so entertaining. Our squirrels are constantly hawking the bird feeders. We have another arctic blast heading our way next week. What a wild winter!

  4. What a great gift for your Mom! She might come home from the next game with some orders for you! :)

    Have a great week end.

  5. Great scarf!! Crocheting is so much fun and makesmsuch lovely things. Enjoy your weekend!!

  6. Your mom's scarf is so cute, of course she loved it! Perfect for a hockey game too. I went with my oldest son to a couple of Stockton Thunders games. Very exciting to be so close to the action.

  7. A beautiful scarf Holly! Grannies are always so fun to crochet! Love your cute Valentines', too! Have a wonderful weekend! xo Heather


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