Monday, January 6, 2014

We're in a Blizzard Wonderland

Our Winter Wonderland~
These pictures were from this morning. 
When we woke up early (Jerry and I, hubby stayed in bed a bit longer -and then made us French Toast....yum!) I was way to excited for this white winter wonderland outside not to grab my camera! Everything was soooo pretty!! It snowed all day, and we got a lot more snow too!! Now we are in a state of emergency, we're suppose to have -50 wind chills tomorrow. Everything is closed down, I just have my fingers crossed we don't loose power!! :) Otherwise bring on this beautiful white stuff! 
^^^ Let's play...."where's ....Jerry" haha 

 Later in the afternoon in some parts of the yard the snow was up to my knees. 

Yea the snow is almost up the first rail now! 
I'm so thankful for our neighbor, he does plow our driveway some!! Luke hasn't been able to get his plow/tractor completely working. 

I finished my second pair of fingerless mitts in a dark raspberry color.
I plan to put some pretty buttons down the sides. 

Hope you all had a wonderful New Years!!! 
We went out to eat with my parents, and then went back to their house and played a few board games with them and my sis, in our warm 'comfys' of course!

Hope everyone stays warm!!!! 
I know there are many states affected by the cold weather! 
Hope you have a crafty week!!
xo Holly 


  1. We're getting the same weather here, blizzard and all - the wind chills are scary! Can't wait until this passes. The yarn color you chose for the mitts is really pretty. Keep warm and toasty!

  2. It is beautiful Holly, but can be dangerous, hope you keep your power. Ours already went out once this morning due to the wind and temps are dropping. Doyle wants snow and me too. Can he come play with Jerry? :)

    Love your mitts. Have fun, stay warm!

  3. Freezing cold here is the south as well! We are supposed to get -20 with the wind chills tomorrow. Fortunately, no snow! Stay warm and Happy New Year!

  4. Such pretty pictures. You both make the cutest couple. Enjoy this blizzard from the comfort of your home. I can't believe the the wind chills they are predicting for our areas. Scary.

  5. So beautiful, but I am sure it's cold! Stay warm and cozy, and a Happy New Year to you Holly! xo Heather

  6. Holly beautiful snow pictures. Hope you stay warm and safe.

  7. The winter wonderland looks beautiful but that -50 degrees, not so much. Stay safe and warm!

  8. I think you and your hubby deserve the "cutest couple" award!! Adorable :)
    Stay warm...my kids have been home for 2 extra days because of the cold. We are staying cozy inside!! Happy New Year!


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