Saturday, October 4, 2014

A bit coziness today

Hi there! 

It's definitely feeling like fall out today, this morning was a brisk 39 degrees out! 
Lets just say it was a little chilly feeding the horses, soon as I walked into the barn it was already warmer, just from them being in there and the large doors closed.  Hubby is watching a little football and I have a couple candle batches to make, wanted to pop in and say HI! 

I've been crocheting these cup cozies, you can find some in my Etsy Shop. I think they are perfect for this time of year!! 

 Snuggle up with one of these this fall, and keep your beverage warm and your hands cool. Such a wonderful way to personalize and make your coffee cup cute while being eco-friendly too!!

Hope you have all a wonderful weekend in creating/decorating/and treasure hunting of course!! 
xo Holly

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  1. These are so cute! Can you send us some of your cooler temperatures? We're having a heat wave and I'm not happy about it, lol.

  2. Hi Holly!
    Love your coffee cozy - I guess the white one with the orange pumpkin already sold? I'd love one like it if you make one again down the road in those colors. :)
    You lucky, I am envying your cooler weather - we're hot hot hot over here. boo hoo. And I may have lost my mind from the heat but I thought I heard them say on the news that it's cooled off so much in the rest of the country that it was snowing in Minnesota???
    Happy weekend!

  3. The cozies are so sweet! Love them all. Stay warm! Hugs, Dianne

  4. These are so cute! I just found you yesterday on Instagram by poking around random photos and I saw these and lots of other great things you've made and great pictures too. :-)

  5. Hi Holly,
    These are super cute cozies, love them. You did a beautiful job.

  6. Hi Holly!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I replied on my blog but I wasn't sure if you'd see it or not, so here I am :)
    Yes! I'd love one of your creamy tweedy cozies with orange pumpkin - in fact I was thinking I'd like two! Is that possible to get two matching ones? You can leave me a comment on my blog - it goes to my email for moderation - I was receiving so much spam :( And its of course fine too if you don't feel like making two - one is wonderful. So whatever you feel like works great for me. Thank you!
    Happy Monday!

  7. Hi again!
    Got your email and just purchased the two cozies. :) Thanks bunches! xo

  8. So cute Holly, you are so creative. Catching up on everyone after taking Doyle camping, lol.

  9. Adorable!! It got cold fast here too. Hoping for a few weeks of "boot and sweater" weather. Not ready for "coats" :)

  10. Hi Holly!
    I just picked up your comment, thanks so much for letting me know I can commence stalking the mail carrier now. Can't wait. Hoping you enclosed some Fall weather too, please ;)
    Happy Wednesday!
    Sally, officially on cute Cozy watch


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