Wednesday, June 13, 2012

~Love Letters in June~

As one of my anniversary gifts my hubby got me, was this really neat set to make "old" letters. It came with the really cool peacock pen, black ink, candle (wax) for sealing and the "Love" stamp.  But the best part was he actually used all of this and made me a very sweet old looking love letter. I thought it was soo sweet of him!! He said it took him quite some time to make it, having to dip the in the ink about every other word. He's such a sweetie, love him so much!

*So I thought I'd share this with and if you needed any sweet ideas to get your special someone, this might be perfect for them too!

*We talked about framing one of our wedding invitations, a picture from our wedding, a picture from when we first starting dating (8 years ago) and along with those, this love letter!

I would love to know if you've done anything like this before or thought about it!? I think it would be a great piece of your history on the wall :) :) {Smiles}

xo Happy Wednesday!


  1. Holly this was such a sweet and romantic gift from your husband. I have framed a few wedding invitations for gifts for friends getting married. I like to add flowers and ribbons in the colors of their wedding and some faux little wedding rings. Hope you have a beautiful day.


  2. What a beautiful gift from your husband! So pretty, and what a treasure to have! Your idea sounds lovely, and such a great way to share your history together. Can't wait to see it. xo Heather

  3. This is a precious gift! I would definitely frame these things together - in a shadowbox type frame, in collage format, possibly even adding the quill, ink and stamp. There are shadow boxes that you can buy with linen backs and tacks where you could just tack in your items in. The front has a door that closes magnetically so you could use the items you inclose in the picture when you want to.

    1. Thank you for your sweet ideas! A shadow box would be perfect for these things! Thanks so much. And I do know about those ones that the door opens and magnetically closes...I have a small white one, I'm going to see about getting another (bigger) for this :) Have a lovely weekend!!xo Holly


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