Friday, September 28, 2012

Shutter project and Jerry's Jammys

Hi there!
Well as you can see I changed my header a bit. I think I really like it! 
What do you think?

Here's my shutter project I was working on....

 I chalk board painted the insides of them, I think it turned out really good! This was my first time painting with it and I'm looking for anything and everything else I can chalk board paint! lol. I'm hooked on this paint!
 Here they are side by side, I'm keeping one to hang up in our home and putting the other in my booth for sale. (I'm hoping to take that and a few other things, as well as those pumpkins up tomorrow before they close at noon)~If I don't make it, then next week it will be! 

 I found one of my little red trays to try out too!
I'm trying to decide where I want to hang mine up at, 
when I do I'll share a picture of the very finish product :)

 As for now ....
Here are Jerry's new jammys!!! haha... thought they were so cute! 
They have little Halloween lollipops and treats on them.
He doesn't seem to mind them! :)

~~My pumpkins are all ready to go ~~
I put a little moss in the bottom of the bag, to make them a little bit more cuter :)
Have a wonderful fallish weekend!
xo Holly


  1. Love the shutters!! You new header is adorable!! Have a great weekend! xo Heather

    1. Thanks Heather! Have fun and good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to see pictures!! :) xo

  2. Jerry is so cute in his new sweater! Have a great weekend Holly.


    1. Thanks Danielle! I think he likes them too! :) Have a great weekend!


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